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Exposing ‘Gryphen’: Timeline of the Investigation of an Anti-Palin Blogger

posted at 3:21 pm on August 8, 2009 by

Over the course of the past week, Dan Riehl and I collaborated in an investigation of “Gryphen,” the anti-Palin blogger who claimed Aug. 1 to have an “exclusive,” from one of his “best sources,” that Todd and Sarah Palin were getting divorced. Not only was that gossip false, but it was subsequently revealed that:

On Aug. 4, Griffin resigned his position at Trailside Elementary School in Anchorage. In order to document the timeline of this investigation, I publish this chronological list of links to the major items produced by Dan and I:

Because I must now turn my attention to other projects, in the case of any future developments in this story, be sure to check out RIEHL WORLD VIEW.

UPDATED 8/11/09:

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Mark my words.

This guy is going to turn out to be a pedophile.

He fits the classic description:

*middle aged


*hetero male

*works with or around children

*engages in vulgar/pornographic activity in his private life

*conveniently sets up an easily discoverable portal that can be found by children connecting his two lives and inviting them in.

*Talks openly about masturbation and genetalia and promotes underage sexual activity in his “adult” site.

The schoolboard might want to make damn sure this freak hasn’t done anything to any of the kids he was around.

BillaryMcBush on August 8, 2009 at 7:47 PM

also, he is fat and ugly like John Wayne Gasey.

BillaryMcBush on August 8, 2009 at 7:50 PM

Dunno anything about Gryphen’s personal life, and don’t want to get into speculation. However, he’s apparently part of the left that just doesn’t understand the law of unintended consequences.

Sometimes, when you try to stir up a hornet’s nest, you are the one who gets stung.

Enjoy Anchorage now that everybody knows who you are and what you’ve been saying/doing, sir.

cs89 on August 9, 2009 at 7:40 AM