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Obama a Symbol of Hope in Iran?

posted at 8:08 am on June 23, 2009 by

Obamamaniacs are pining for a way to credit the quest for free and fair elections in Iran to some kind of Barack-borne “hope” initiative, which is laughable because no world leader has been more encouraging to Iran’s ruling regime in his lack of response than the U.S. President.

But that doesn’t matter. If there’s “hope” to be had, people will find a way to link Obama to it. CBS’s “Early Show” even featured a picture of Neda, the unarmed woman who the regime gunned down in Iran — but the picture was in the style of Shepherd Fairey’s “Hope” poster that was created for Obama:


But it doesn’t end there.

“Obamicon,” the website where you can make your own Obama-style poster, has even come out with an Iranian version using the colors of Iran — again, to give the impression that Obama stands with the protesters in Iran.

Give me a break. Obama will celebrate the 4th of July at a US Embassy barbeque with Iranian diplomats from the same regime that is slaughtering the people that Obama’s being credited with offering “hope.” Will the media consider it to be a show of solidarity with the Iranian pro-democracy movement if Obama makes these representatives of the regime wash the blood off their hands before sitting down to dinner with him?

Here’s an “Iranicon” that says what Obama really means to the quest for freedom in Iran:


If Obama is a symbol of hope in Iran, it’s to the ruling regime and not to any pro-democracy/fair elections movement.

As a side note, have you noticed how many times Obama has used the rationale of Iran being a “sovereign nation” (the “it’s none of our business” response) as a reason for his tepid reaction to a murderous regime? On any other day, we’re all “members of the global community,” live in “one world” and we’re all just a single village of global citizens.

If the only time Obama respects national sovereignty is when the concept of freedom and liberty is being assaulted within its borders, we’re in a lot of trouble.

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I don’t know, but he’s a symbol of dope here.

Daggett on June 23, 2009 at 8:51 AM

He’d be a powerful symbol… if a nice muslim boy from Kenya can grow up to be POTUS, why not one from Iran? (/sarc)


acat on June 23, 2009 at 8:58 AM

Obama a Symbol of Hope in Iran?

Not exactly, but maybe it has occurred to the Iranian people that with Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Rahm & Axelrod running things no one is going to help them so they had better help themselves.

If you have ever been in a situation that seems utterly hopeless and no one is going to save you you had better save yourself. You may summon up courage you never knew you had, survive or perish. In that way – that is the hope he gave them – then yes.

batterup on June 23, 2009 at 5:29 PM

What he is going to be known for is passing up a chance to destabilize Iran.
He should have taken advantage of it and supplied arms and ammo and money to those rioters.
Let the meddling begin I say.
The marching in the street thing does not work in a non democracy.
Isn’t it funny that Iran had no qualms about interferring in American interest in Iraq. How many of our soldiers have been killed by arms and bombs supplied by Iran? a bunch
I would not even do this covertly. The policy is and should be regime change.
With the protesters we have a willing group of people to become the foot soldiers in this cause.

kangjie on June 24, 2009 at 9:18 AM