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Create-or-save — Anyone can play

posted at 7:58 am on June 10, 2009 by

It’s so easy. Steve Burri is saving lives and alleviating human suffering. Andy McCarthy is using create-or-save to get into shape without breaking a sweat. Even Al Qaeda is getting in on the trend:

Ayman Zawahiri announced today that, under the Recruitment Stimulus Initiative Insha Allah (RSIIA), the terror network has created or saved 10,000 jihadist jobs (resulting in a concurrent creation or saving of 720,000 virgins!).*

That piece of cheesecake I didn’t eat every day last week? You got it — I created-or-saved at least two pounds of weight loss. And I freed up space for more ice cream. It’s a win-win.

Create-or-save is a great way to finance that special vacation or home addition. Just add up what you haven’t spent on something. (The more expensive the project is you’re trying to finance, the more creative you’ll have to be about what you haven’t indulged in. But the sky’s the limit.) Then apply those savings to something else you’d like to indulge in. Resisted those designer sneakers three times? Decided against hiring the personal chef? Had second thoughts about that weekend getaway? Didn’t go to Hawaii or Paris last year? (Don’t forget to include what you would have spent on a Parisian shopping spree — it really adds up fast.) You’ve freed up lots of hypothetical cash. And you can lose the guilt. You’re not being irresponsible; you’re just stimulating the economy. Create-or-save is not just fun — it’s patriotic!

Planet Moron is positively inspired by create-or-save, proving its unlimited potential. LibertyBlog masterfully tosses off 10 million c-or-s’ed jobs, just like nuthin’.

*McCarthy refers to Steve Schippert, who blogs here, but I haven’t found been able to find a more specific source.

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If Teddy Kennedy would have created or saved a job for a limo driver, Mary Jo would still be alive.

DaveC on June 10, 2009 at 8:15 AM

Jive talking is so easy when you know you won’t be questioned.

tarpon on June 10, 2009 at 8:25 AM