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Slowing down the Obama juggernaut

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Smarter people than I are writing about Obamacare and Justice Ginsberg’s Chrysler decision. From Stephen Spruiell:

Anything that slows down the process is bad for the administration, because the Chrysler sale doesn’t hold up well under scrutiny. Also, Ginsberg’s decision raises all kinds of questions for Sotomayor. The Court will probably be asked to hear other TARP cases, and the administration will probably keep arguing that TARP is beyond the Court’s reach. What does Sotomayor think about the legality of using TARP as an all-purpose executive-branch slush fund?

He directs us to Andrew Grossman’s analysis at the Foundry.

On “health care reform,” John J. Miller advises:

Want to defeat national health care? Make two points, over and over again: Federal spending is already out of control and the budget deficit is too big. Gallup:

PRINCETON, NJ — While 67% of Americans view President Barack Obama favorably, his overall job approval rating and his ratings on specific areas are less positive. At the low end of the spectrum, only 45% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of federal spending, and 46% of his handling of the federal budget deficit.

From this pseudonymous mom in her robe: Two strategies that are important in family life seem also to be important right now politically.

Slow it all down. Good advice for family life in so many ways. And it applies to Obama and Congress’s continuing binge to tax, spend, borrow, and regulate like there’s no tomorrow. Since the election they’ve clearly seen the need to frenetically ram their policies through before the American public can figure out what’s hitting them. (You know things are moving way too fast when shameless legislators are passing laws no one, even the legislators themselves has time to read.) Voters can catch up to reality, at least partially, but it takes months, not days or weeks. So anything that slows the Obama juggernaut down is a good thing. As Mr. Grossman points out, Justice Ginsberg’s stay not only allows more time for thought on the Chrysler deal; it may lead to a more thoughtful confirmation process for Sonia Sotomayor, for what it’s worth. And it may be worth something.

Simplify. Goes hand in hand with slowing down the pace of life. John Miller give the political application above. Maybe we should forget the myriad excellent arguments against socialized medicine. Yeah, we’ve got a million of ’em. And though we’ve got an example of a tried-and-failed national healthcare system just across our border, the arguments against it may be too mired in disinformation to be effective.

Though I don’t understand the disconnect between Obama’s continuing personal popularity (67% favorable, still) and his policies, it appears that Americans are starting to see that our leader is something of a drunken sailor on steroids (apologies to sailors – ykwim) when it comes to spending. So as Miller says, keep hitting with this fact: We can’t afford it. More and more of us will be mugged by this reality as the economy continues to tank. So I guess I see a filmy silver lining of hope in this lousy economic news.

This just in: a little more hope from the Blue Dogs:

The Blue Dog Coalition issued a statement that said it would only support the public health care option as a fallback measure that would be triggered sometime down the road if private insurers don’t meet a particular set of goals.

The backsliding took advocates of reform by surprise because 20 members of the coalition had previously signed a pledge expressing their support for a public option without a trigger. The statement was written and organized by the reform coalition Health Care for America Now (HCAN), which strongly opposes a trigger and sees it as an industry plot to strangle a public option in the crib.

Strangling never sounded so good. But this is all very much up in the air. The Blue Dogs are still working out their positions. Stay tuned.

*Updated to add another reason for hope: Undercover at an Obama health care meet-up

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If the federal government manages to seize this nation’s health care system, which represents 1/7th of our economy, its all over.

John Gault, prepared speech in hand, will be clearing his throat for delivery of same.


Dave R. on June 9, 2009 at 10:28 AM