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Is ACORN above the Law?

posted at 8:51 am on June 3, 2009 by

We just witnessed the Obama administration put a halt to criminal proceedings against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. We are watching as ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is under investigation in several States spread out across the country. Will anything come of these investigations? Will President Obama come to the rescue of his former employer?

From Newsmax:

Iowa GOP Congressman Steve King is calling for simultaneous FBI and congressional investigations into what he calls a “spiderweb” of shadowy financial and business relationships linked to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

“With ACORN, it’s pervasive,” King tells Newsmax, referring to criminal allegations and malfeasance leveled at ACORN’s low-income, voter-registration operation. “It’s everywhere. It’s 12 or 14 states where there are investigations going on for voter registration [fraud].

“ACORN has admitted to … around 400,000 fraudulent voter-registration forms being introduced. They claim they don’t hire people on commission, but they do hire people on commission,” King tells Newsmax in an exclusive interview.

See Video: Rep. Steve King discusses his probe into ACORN – Click Here Now

King says ACORN has over 270 corporate affiliates and business units that have received more than $53 million in federal tax dollars. Recent stimulus legislation, he tells Newsmax, could give the organization access up to $8.5 billion.

According to a recent Fox News report, over 250 nonprofit groups list ACORN’s New Orleans headquarters as their address. One of those groups is Citizens Services Inc., which received $800,000 from the Obama administration in return for a get-out-the-vote program during last year’s campaign.

Although King charges that ACORN is “in the business of electing Democrats,” he says its impact transcends politics. He tells Newsmax the organization has intimidated bank executives into making risky mortgage loans to people who shouldn’t have received them, adding that is “a contributing factor, I believe, to this financial meltdown that we have.”

King, who has represented Iowa’s fifth congressional district since 2002, describes ACORN as “an organization that erodes the integrity of the election process,” adding: “I believe it has completely the face of a criminal enterprise, and it should be thoroughly investigated by Congress and the Department of Justice. And it should happen simultaneously.”

Although King says ACORN is responsible for “hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms,” the type of investigation he wants would go far beyond current state and FBI investigations for alleged voter fraud. Rather, it would look into the interlocking financial connections between ACORN and its affiliate organizations.

To date, there have been four post-election prosecutions by state authorities involving ACORN. All focus on voter fraud rather than finances.

“We need to do a lot more. We cannot let them bring down our election process,” King tells Newsmax.

This spiderweb of corruption must be addressed if we are to hold on to our Democracy. Every American citizen should demand a fair and thorough investigation into these allegations take place by the FBI. Our Laws need apply to every citizen, including the Political Establishment…

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Is ACORN above the Law?

You have it wrong…ACORN is the Law.

The DoJ and FEC have declined to pursue several voter fraud investigations owing to the meme that doing so would disenfranchise minorities. Of course, if those “minorities” are illegals, or not entitled to vote (convicted felons serving time) then a portion of this meme apparently is valid.

coldwarrior on June 3, 2009 at 1:51 PM

yeah, the DOJ told Georgia that citizenship is not a necessary component of the right to vote. so now ACORN doesn’t have to defraud there.

kelley in virginia on June 3, 2009 at 1:56 PM

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