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If Waxman were a True Believer

posted at 5:44 pm on May 23, 2009 by

Climate change has a new Knight in Shining Armor – Henry Waxman (D-CA). His 900+ page Climate Bill, also known as Cap-and-Trade or more affectionately as Cap-and-Tax, is supposed to somehow stop, and possibly reverse, Global Warming. Waxman, and other supporters are obviously not true believers in the climate change cause, or CO2‘s role as a root cause.

It should be plainly obvious that an energy tax will have absolutely no effect on either global atmospheric concentrations of CO2, nor average temperatures. Not one additional inch of arctic ice will be gained. Snow will not magically form on Mount Kilimanjaro. Ocean levels are not about to drop. The money collected will have an impact on our energy consumption, but only until people discover the loopholes. In winter, they may use their fireplaces more often. Plans for homemade methanol and ethanol stills will receive far more hits on Google. Sales of candles and kerosene lamps will increase. Demand for meat will shift to cheaper cuts and more chicken will be purchased. Overall, poverty will increase. Not one of these things will “save the world.” Economies shift when under pressure. Like a bean-bag chair, pressure on one end causes a rise on the other.

The taxes raised may partially be used to fund “green” energy facilities, or find its way into researching better batteries, but it will only be a fraction. Like taxes collected for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Cigarette, Alcohol, Gasoline, et. al., none of the money will be set aside for its intended purpose. All of the money be placed straight into the general fund, where it will be spent to further yet more government encroachment upon our liberties. Furthermore, requests for this money for its rightful purpose will be looked upon as an annoyance. Lawmakers will treat grant requests as they would a housefly. Attempts to audit the fund, should anyone be so bold, will be stonewalled and blocked by the same people who promise “transparency.” We are witnessing the birth of yet another Sorelian Myth.

Social Security is protected by such a myth. As such any attempt to repair the situation and perform the necessary economic triage is seen as heresy and fought tooth-and-nail. What is worse, like the taxes collected before based upon the promise to fix whatever dire emergency the Democrats created (usually out of thin air), since nothing will be done about the actual problem, it will remain. This will later be used to increase the tax amount. You will hear cries of “more must be done” echo through the halls of Congress, Academia, and on every MSM news program.

If Waxman and Obama were true believers, if they were honestly disciples of the “evil CO2” myth, then they would demand that the sources of this harmless molecule be cut off. A partial list of things that would be illegal would include: all fuels, barbecue grills, candles, leaf burning, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, rubbing alcohol, leavened breads, Pop-Rocks, baking soda, food animals, household pets, styrofoam and packing peanuts, paper, plastics, glass production, metal production, house fires, forest fires, volcanoes, flatulence and exhaling.

Since cars and planes would no longer be possible, large sections of roadways, parking lots, and airports would be converted back into fertile soil and planted. Of course, without machinery, it would take some time to chip all the concrete and asphalt away…especially without exhaling. But look on the bright side, at least we would never get to read another 900 page bill again.

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There goes my 20 year old compost pile. Decay of dead plantlife for orgainic farming is now a contaminant.

seven on May 24, 2009 at 3:53 PM