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Pressure on Pelosi

posted at 12:51 pm on May 13, 2009 by

First we hear (from Fox via Gateway Pundit) that Steny Hoyer is suggesting that it might be a good idea to investigate what Nancy knew and when she knew it.

Asked at a news conference whether Democrats were inviting political problems for themselves by holding hearings, Hoyer said, “I think the facts need to get out.

“I think the Republicans are simply trying to distract the American public with who knew what when. My response to that is, look, the issue is not what was said or what was known; the question and focus ought to be on what was done.”

But he added that the controversy over “what was said and when it was said, who said it … is probably what ought to be on the record as well.”

Hoyer also was asked whether he believes Pelosi’s support has been undermined among Democrats.

“No, I don’t,” he said.

All right. What else would he be likely to say?

Then we learn that Jon Stewart made sport of Pelosi’s evolving explanations last night (video here):

In Stewart’s words, we have “basically gone from ‘I definitely was not told’ to ‘I was told but they used an auxiliary verb with a slightly more passive mood.”

Rush Limbaugh points out that Hoyer and Pelosi have long been antagonists, and Hoyer is a close ally of Rahm Emanuel.

And today, after Obama’s comments on health care reform, Pelosi seizes the microphone from him for some earnest brown-nosing. So she gets some historical facts a bit jumbled — it’s the attempt to ingratiate that counts:

A somewhat strange scene at the end of Obama’s remarks on health care this morning.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who had spoken earlier – grabbed the microphone back from the president to ask, “may I say something additional?”

She went to praise Obama for signing a children’s health care bill and including health items in his stimulus package. Obama, she said, has “done more to promote health care, to move it along” than has been done “since Medicare was established in the ’50s.”

That last comment must have come as a shock to the ghost of Lyndon Johnson, who signed legislation creating Medicare on July 30, 1965.

Pelosi-isms aside, the gratuitous flattery looked a little desperate.

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Been wondering by what means obama would eventually de-claw Pelosi. Is this it?

jeanie on May 13, 2009 at 2:05 PM

Let’s run this forward a little.

Pelosi is weakened by this; whether it’s a death blow or not remains to be seen. Is Cindy Sheehan going to have another go? (her web site is still up, and 2010 isn’t that far away…)

Pelosi may lose the speakership to Hoyer in next congress regardless.

Pelosi’s fingerprints are *ALL OVER* the pork-ups.

With Pelosi damaged or done in, Obama has the opportunity to do some “surgical strikes” on pork that benefited Pelosi and followers, using the resulting fawning and adulation in the Main Sewer Media to claim he’s trying to be “fiscally responsible”.


acat on May 13, 2009 at 3:21 PM

All of this is to lead up to the recently discussed ‘truth commissions.’ Yet we have had no national discussion about the advisability of these commissions. They run contrary to American history and tradition. They resemble something from the USSR. The lefties that are pushing so hard seem to want people sent to jail in spite of the fact that no American law has been broken. These crazy lefties want the law to be replaced by their narcissistic moral outrage.
I had thought that Obama’s canny sense of self-interest would keep him from encouraging this kind of thing. I thought he would realize that if it happens once there is no guarantee it would not happen to him.

snaggletoothie on May 14, 2009 at 2:06 PM