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U.S. Man Visits Suu Kyi?!

posted at 2:09 pm on May 7, 2009 by

This might be the very definition of “News of the Weird.” It will probably either turn out to be nothing, or just disappear. But for right now, I’m fascinated.

An American man named John William Yeattaw surreptitiously swam across the lake bordering Aung San Suu Kyi’s house/prison in Burma, entered the house, and spent two days there! The spokesman for her party said that he never actually met her, and he was arrested as he was making his escape back across the lake.

Suu Kyi is the head of the pro-democracy movement in Burma, and has been under house arrest by the ruling junta ever since she won the election in 1990. So the identity of this man could be really interesting.

According to the New Light of Myanmar the swimmer, identified as John William Yeattaw, “secretly entered the house and stayed there”. He reportedly used a 5 litre plastic bottle for floatation and carried a black backpack containing a pair of pliers, a camera and two $100 bills.

The US embassy said it learnt of the case from newspaper reports and is investigating. A spokeman for Mrs Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy said the security breech raised fears for her safety.

The ruling military junta recently announced it will not end Mrs Suu Kyi’s detention, which is reviewed every year in May.

Or, he might just be some crazy guy who liked the house. Who knows? But hopefully her people will be able to tighten up security to protect her. In the meantime, I hope the news agencies stay on this and find out more about Yeattaw, if only for my own curiosity.

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