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“A Bold Step Back”

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Fellow Twitterer Tom O’Halloran has written a very well thought out piece titled A Bold Step Back. In it he lays out many of the things the Republican party will need to do to both win back control of Congress and the White House, as well as move our great nation back toward prosperity and liberty.

In my opinion, each one of his points must be accepted by any candidate for office if he or she would like a shot at higher office. Fellow Republicans, Whigs, and Libertarians are demanding it. We must also “accept no substitute.” A moderate Republican needs to know that they have absolutely NO chance of winning without accepting these points. We are not looking for Rulers. We are looking for Representatives.

Tom correctly points out that we used to elect statesmen. We now elect politicians. The difference can be found in this quote from Thomas Jefferson.

A politician looks forward only to the next election. A statesman looks forward to the next generation.

That is our fault. We did not demand that our Representatives do their jobs. We half-heartedly put them in office and then promptly forgot them like so much attic junk. Then, when we needed them to do their jobs – and they failed – we did not demand their resignations. We probably reelected them.

Now it is time to clean house. The Conservative movement is in full swing, and we are paying attention. But more is needed, we also need a template for them to follow, and A Bold Step Back is a great starting point. Insightfully, Tom has recognized that the Republican Party is damaged goods. Many, many people are calling for a new party, but that has consequences, as anyone who remembers Bill Clinton’s 1992 election will attest.

Tom’s solution begins by re-branding the party. Even so far as to give it a different name. The platform must remain decidedly Conservative, however a totally new look, feel, and even leadership is required to throw off the stigma of the GOP.

Next, is simple and academic, but still needs to be done.

We need to first identify the seats coming up for election and decide who needs to be replaced ON BOTH sides of the aisle, and then we need to identify replacements for these seats.

In identifying replacements,

We find people that understand that they are going in to make a very real difference, some very difficult choices, and DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

They will also know that there is a very good possibility that they will not get reelected.

But while there, they will fight hard for our agenda, and NOT COMPROMISE at all. They will continually submit and fight for legislation to roll back the size of government…

Term limits are a definite need, curbing Congressional pay and benefits, and cutting out elaborate “retirement” packages. Tom also recommends campaign reform, but if I may interject my own thoughts, reform needs to return power to the people, not the Media. Companies have a right to be represented as well, and their money should be accepted. It is the special favors which need to be eliminated – and revamping the tax code to the Fair Tax will go a long way towards that goal.

Tom touches upon one of my soap boxes with this statement,

We will remove thousands of laws from the books; we have so many laws that it is virtually impossible to not break them. Congress was NOT given the power to be a nanny state and make me wear a helmet.

Not only should thousands of laws be removed, thousands of regulations and dozens of Federal departments need to be eliminated as well. Consider it a Federal colon cleansing. Any department, office, cabinet position, what have you, that is not directly supported by the Constitution must go. That will take courage, conviction, and the ability to slough off the “slings and arrows” of the Left. Some of these departments can be reconstituted at a state level, but that is up to each state. The important thing is that our Federal Government be massively and irrevocably cut down.

The objective is to reduce the platform to a very small but vital one. Freedom, Security, Lower taxes, Personal Responsibility and Capitalism. Leave abortion, gay marriage and so many of the smaller issues off the platform. Let candidates from WITHIN the party present their views, but most of these issues should be determined within the states themselves

There are dozens of other ideas in the essay – all good. This government belongs to the people. It is time WE defined it. It is time that we accept and elect people into office who accept that they are there to serve us.

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This is not a giant step of any kind. It sounds like a great platform to win the White House back but it doesn’t present any real change for the better. A “giant step” would include abolishing the 16th amendment and the federal reserve, not finger printing every voter and ignoring social issues to win votes.

Read my take. I outline what I find wrong with this proposal. It’s going to take a lot more than this little proposal to revive freedom in America.

thedailyconservative on May 11, 2009 at 11:28 PM