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On Speech and Submission

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The pattern is clear.  Leftist leader wins election, the media submits.  Leftist leader criticized, media suffers the consequences.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  We saw it in Venezuela, where President Obama’s reading buddy up and seized RCTV purely on editorial grounds.  Now this same insidious control of the media is crystallizing in Argentina, where Christina “I’m no Hillary” Fernandez de Kirchner has targeted Clarin Group, the nation’s largest, under the guise of proposed media reform.  In an Alinskyite stroke of genius, Fernandez provided the Argentine public with a fat target:

But last year the relationship ruptured over media coverage of a farmers’ tax revolt against the government. Grupo Clarin media were critical of Fernandez during the conflict and at government rallies her supporters waved banners saying “Clarin Lies,” and “TN: Totally Negative.”
Fernandez’s draft bill would reduce the number of broadcast licenses firms can have, and might open a door for telecoms firms Telefonica de Argentina and Telecom Argentina to compete with Clarin on triple play — a joint phone, broadband and cable television service.
“The status quo would be the best outcome for Clarin,” said Mariano Kruskevich, an analyst at the Grupo SBS consultancy.
The government proposal also aims to increase the number of soccer games shown on free television as opposed to pay TV, which would be popular with football-loving Argentines.
At a weekend match between Argentina’s two biggest soccer clubs, fans blanketed the stands with banners reading “Clarin: We want football free on TV.” Critica newspaper said Kirchner, a key player in his wife’s government, was behind the stunt.

  In both instances, these retaliatory measures were enacted in response to unfavorable coverage.  Given Barack Obama’s historically cozy relationship with American broadcast media, can similar proposals be too far off if unfavorable coverage of any particular incident misstep were to erode The One’s popular support?  Leftist regimes require total message control as a neccesary element of survival, which is why it is so reliant on propaganda…and the era of hopenchange is no different.  At the very least, we now know why the NYT spiked the torture story.  All politics is localism.

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And they wonder why no one likes them or trusts them.

Cindy Munford on April 23, 2009 at 8:41 PM