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Unstupidification Failure

posted at 8:54 am on April 18, 2009 by

Spanish judge to Spanish AG: “How dare you attempt to render me unstupid?”

OK, that’s not exactly how he said it. But investigative judge Baltasar Garzon insists he will press ahead with the persecution of Bush admin officials on torture charges, despite a lack of jurisdiction, and despite the lack of interest in the duly elected lefty anti-war administration that otherwise can’t seem to get enough Bush-bashing. And I’d add editorially, despite the fact that while some abusive behavior already has been prosecuted in the United States, the most egregious behavior in question falls into a debatable gray area, and has been routinely used on American soldiers by other American soldiers in training exercises. If Garzon wants to prosecute torturers, I’d suggest he’d find a lot more clear-cut cases in, say, China, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, for starters. 

Barcepundit is unsurprised at Garzon’s failure to be unstupidified, given that the former Socialist pol has a history of pressing on with political prosecutions


Spanish Inquisition Update

Spanish prosecutors attempt to unstupid a judge … again.

… righteous Spanish judges concerned about misdeeds outside their borders may want to consider indicting socialist PM Zapatero for cowardice for his decision to yank Spanish troops from Iraq in the wake of the 2004 al-Qaeda bombing campaign on the Madrid train system.

Spanish Inquisition

Eyeballs Bush admin lawyers for war crimes charges … Gutless as usual. If I were a Spanish taxpayer, I’d be getting annoyed with the waste of my money about now, but then, if I was a Spanish voter, odds are I’d be a socialist …


A Spanish court finally exercises some. Murder charges dropped against three American soldiers in the Hotel Palestine incident.

Al-Qaeda-Cowed Nations Indicts US Soldiers

It was only a matter of time. Charges of homicide and “crimes against the international community” from a Spanish court against LTC deCamp, Maj. Philip Wolford and Sgt. Shawn Gibson in the death of Jose Cuoso in the Hotel Palestine in Baghdad, April 8, 2003. 

Full disclosure: I consider the abovementioned American soldiers to be friends, was present during the incident in question, and offered to go to Spain to testify on the April 8, 2003 Palestine Hotel incident, also on what cowards I consider the Spanish people to be, as represented by their courts and their government. Not to include my pal Barcepundit and other mortified, right-thinking Spaniards.


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Good Lord!! On the upside it is good to see that other nations have judges that are political hacks. Not knowing their system I have to wonder what they get out of it? Is this to further their political careers or does it get them guest spots on all the right(left) media? All of us could use a system where judges are quiet interpreters of the law and not another group of people dedicated to their own self promotion. I don’t know how we would attain that pinnacle but right now I don’t even think we are shooting for it.

Cindy Munford on April 18, 2009 at 10:59 AM

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The Monster on April 18, 2009 at 10:38 PM