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VIDEO: ‘Get Organized! Roll Tide!’

posted at 2:24 pm on April 16, 2009 by

Michael Palmer of the Tuscaloosa News interviews some notorious right-wing extremists:

From staff writer Wayne Grayson’s article:

Robert Stacy McCain, a former Washington Times assistant national editor and contributor to American Spectator magazine, was one of several speakers at the event.
McCain discussed an April 7 report published by the Department of Homeland Security that addressed the threat of “right-wing extremism.”
In the manner of comedian Jeff Foxworthy, McCain told the crowd how they could tell if they are right-wing extremists.
“If you believe that you know how to run your life better than some Washington politician, you might be right-wing extremist,” McCain said as many in the crowd laughed and applauded.
McCain noted the nationwide participation in other tea parties. He said Pittsburgh and Austin, Texas, had thousands turn out to protest. In Alabama, Montgomery had more than 1,000 people and Mobile had several hundred.
He told protesters to remain calm if others call them crazy. He said the key was to organize.
“You’ve got to be positive and get organized,” McCain said. “If you’re going to sit around and whine, you’re never going to win. Bear Bryant would have told you that.”

My daddy was Class of ’50 at the University of Alabama, and the Crimson Tide is one thing I’ve never been objective about. You’re never going to go wrong invoking Bear Bryant in Tuscaloosa. He is to Tide fans what Reagan is to Republicans.

At my own blog, I’ve got lots more about the Alabama (Sweet) Tea Party, and the bogus “objectivity” of the Journolist MSM.

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Don’t let the oxford cloth shirts and sweet demeanor of those boys fool you. Those notorious right wing extremists are serving poisonous meats to unsuspecting victims. Clearly they plan to poison the masses once their funding from the big guy behind the tea party curtain comes in.

Buy Danish on April 16, 2009 at 6:31 PM