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Boston Tea Party Redux

posted at 1:26 pm on April 15, 2009 by

Just back from the noon Tea Party on Boston Common, upwards of 1000 in deepest, bluest Massachusetts, up the hill from the Old South Meeting House where Boston’s last Tea Party kicked off back in the day. Radicalized right-wing extremism is alive and well in Boston.

Michael Graham’s 4 p.m. TP event at Columbus Park on Boston Harbor sounds like a winner, by Long Wharf, where the Brits departed Boston March 17, 1776, dumping cannon and baggage into the harbor on their way out … and just up from Fort Point Channel where the first Tea Party was staged in 1773 … it took a while but Tea Parties get results! Sorry, its deadline for me, no can do, but Michael knows how to rouse a rabble. I ran into a couple of people looking for directions from the Common. It’s easy. Walk down the hill, past the Old Satte House (scene of the Boston Massacre, 1775), left then a right at Fanueil Hall (another historic rabble rousing locale) and Quincy Market, cross the Rose Kennedy Dynastic Greenway (paid for with massive amounts of your Big Dig dollars), and there you are … at the politically incorrectly monikered Columbus Park.  It’s like a walking tour of America’s tax revolt history.

Happy Tax Day!

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Was at the Boston tea party as well. Were you the fellow who was talking to the NECN guy about going from the globe to there?

My report here, pictures here.

petertheslow on April 15, 2009 at 7:23 PM