Rush Limbaugh: Marco Rubio is a legitimate full-throated conservative and a disciple of Ronald Reagan

posted at 6:41 pm on February 2, 2016 by Allahpundit

When I posted these clips to Twitter, a reader replied that of course Rubio is a Reagan disciple. He supports amnesty, doesn’t he? Zing.

Fairly or not, a dynamic has developed within the grassroots right online that you can’t be pro-Trump and pro-Rubio. You can be pro-Trump and pro-Cruz because you think America needs a populist, because Washington is so sleazy that it needs to be cleansed with fire. You can be pro-Cruz and pro-Rubio because you think America needs a conservative, because Washington has moved so far left that only a hard push to the right can restore the country’s equilibrium. But you can’t be pro-Trump and pro-Rubio. They’re matter and anti-matter. Trump will deport the illegals, or so he says. Rubio would legalize many. Trump says what he thinks, no matter who he offends. Rubio is scripted and soft-spoken, and styles himself as a uniter. Trump wants to make nice with Putin and disdains nation-building. Rubio loathes Putin and favors aggressive interventionism. Trump represents “white identity politics.” Rubio represents diversifying the party. Up and down the line, substantively and stylistically, you find contrasts. Trump wants to make America great again; Rubio can’t tell you fast enough that he thinks America is the greatest country ever.

What makes these two Rush clips striking is that, for most of the past eight months, to the consternation of many anti-Trump listeners, he’s had nothing but warm words for Trump. Occasionally he’ll scold him for using McConnell-esque lines of attack on Cruz, like calling Cruz a maniac for clashing with other Senate Republicans, but much of the past year has been an exercise in mainstreaming Trump as a legitimate vessel of populist conservative anger despite his many, many prior heresies against conservatism. For most other grassroots righties, if you feel that way about Trump, chances are high that you also think Rubio’s an establishment RINO, an avatar of “business as usual” Republicanism whose Gang of Eight stain can never be scrubbed clean. Not Rush. On the contrary, listen below and you’ll find him blowing up that argument, which is at the absolute core of Trump’s and Cruz’s case against Rubio. Rush, almost singularly, is pro-Trump and pro-Rubio. Huh.

Notably, he was a little less pro-Trump than usual today:

And Donald Trump — I don’t know if you’ve forgotten — one thing that I remember is that he went out and again tried to criticize Cruz. Cruz here is the front-runner. Cruz is not the enemy. Hillary Clinton is the enemy. Ted Cruz is not “a nasty guy.” Ted Cruz is not a Canadian. Ted Cruz is none of that. He’s not mean-spirited. Ted Cruz doesn’t want anybody to die in the streets. Nobody’s gonna believe that, especially when you offer that criticism sounding as though it could come from Bernie Sanders.

In a Republican primary, you do not win if you’re going to sound like a liberal Democrat criticizing Ted Cruz. And it wasn’t just health care. How many of you remember (I pointed this out when it happened) Mr. Trump pointing out that you can’t do anything if you can’t make deals, can’t cooperate? Part of his criticism of Ted Cruz is he’s hated; nobody likes him. Trump said, “I can do deals with Harry Reid and Pelosi. I know these people. I like these people. Schumer? I can do deals.” No, no, no, no! We don’t want to do any more deals with these people. We want to beat those people. There are many things that harm Mr. Trump, but not showing up at the debate is not one of them.

As nasty as the Trump/Cruz war in Iowa was this month, both between the candidates themselves and among their supporters online, a Trump/Rubio war would be 10 times as bad precisely because of the stark choice they present. Cruz can be viewed (although he doesn’t have to be) as a compromise between the two — plenty conservative enough for Rubio fans, if not nearly as likable, and populist enough for Trump fans, especially as a contrast to Rubio. A Trump/Rubio race would end up as a proxy war between two radically different visions of the party. Rush would naturally caution listeners from reading too much into any soundbite, especially ones as short as these, but it’s hard not to come away from this thinking that if forced to choose between those two visions, despite his admiration for Trump in various ways, he’s with Rubio. Luckily, thanks to Cruz’s win last night, the odds of any voters having to face that binary choice — at least anytime soon — are slim.

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Marco Rubio is a legitimate full-throated

Ask Schumer what Maro’s throat is full of.

Here’s an odd, who would have ever guessed it coincidence – title of Guy Benson rant for Salem’s other propaganda arm, TownHall:
“Rush Limbaugh: Rubio Isn’t a ‘Moderate Centrist,’ He’s a ‘Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative'”

whatcat on February 3, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Here’s an odd, who would have ever guessed it coincidence – title of Guy Benson rant for Salem’s other propaganda arm, TownHall:
“Rush Limbaugh: Rubio Isn’t a ‘Moderate Centrist,’ He’s a ‘Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative’”

whatcat on February 3, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Smells, doesnt it

I was on a business related call, but I could hear Rush working over Trump with a rubber hose, misrepresenting some of what Trump says, and taking seminar callers to prove the public has turned on Trump

One caller said he turned off of Trump when Trump said he could work with Pelosi and Reid.

I have heard Trump on that issue. Trump talks about working with unions. He said, you have to. So you make a deal

Trump always talks about deals that dont give away the nation

If Congress has a DEM/RINO majority, as it does now, Trump cannot make them pass laws. He can rescind executive orders and post changes in regulations pending adoption. He can also veto bills from a DEM/GOPe congress assuming they dont have an override

But at some point, Trump is going to have to approach members of Congress and make them offers to get influence on bills. You approach Pelosi/Reid because they want to dish out the goodies to their people to retain power. That is life. You dont give them open borders. Maybe you give the a defense contract or tweek a regulation to get one of their bots re elected

Rush would know that was what Trump was addressing.

Listening to Rush trying to walk Rubio back – right at this moment – is gross. Rush just insisting Rubio is clearly not establishment … but conservative

Probably wont listen to Rush tomorrow

Rush is coming back after the break with a guy who has a ‘great take’ in the National Review

Bye Bye Rush

entagor on February 3, 2016 at 2:25 PM

He [Rubio] was suckered into the gang of 8 five minutes after reaching DC because he wanted to be seen hanging with the big boys Kissmygrits on February 3, 2016 at 9:04 AM

Sadly, he wasn’t suckered, he was created for the purpose

Nat George on February 3, 2016 at 10:41 AM

Rubio was recruited to run for the Senate by the establishment. They gave him a fake tea party image by seeding comments in the MSM. I posted this earlier:

Rubio was re-fabricated to run for the US Senate. In the Florida state government, he used his position to block bills that might facilitate the enforcement of immigration law. But he was introduced nationally as an up and coming tea party darling. That is how Rubio was described at HA when he first appeared.

Immigration lobbyist Conda promoted Rubio for Senator, and then became Rubio’s Chief of Staff. Who is Conda?

Immigration lawyer Conda had been Dick Cheney’s top aide. Conda later became the Chief of Staff for Senator Rubio.

a press release to meet the new candidate for Senator, Rubio, at an event hosted by Liz Cheney, Cesar Conda, and Mary Matalin:

These cats land on their feet. Conda was a policy advisor to the Romney campaign

Go back early enough, and you find Conda involved in recruiting a young Paul Ryan

Ryan in college worked for the Boehner election

… during his time as an intern, “[Ryan] caught the eye of a top [Senator] Kasten aide, Cesar Conda, who offered Ryan a post on Kasten’s staff after Ryan’s 1992 graduation, his first full-time Washington job.”

As Conda later went on to say, “Every chance he [Paul Ryan] got, he’d take the opportunity to pop his head into my office.” To this day, on Conda’s LinkedIn page, he promotes that he has been “described by the Associated Press as one of Rep. Paul Ryan’s ‘conservative mentors.’” AP notes that Conda continued to play a “pivotal role” throughout Ryan’s career: “In 2007, Conda was an adviser to Romney’s presidential campaign and introduced the two men in Washington. A scheduled 15-minute meeting lasted nearly an hour, Conda said.”

it is all one big fabrication. They aren’t thinking like voters, they are thinking about how they can package a trusted clone to fool the voters
entagor on February 3, 2016 at 12:28 PM

entagor on February 3, 2016 at 2:49 PM

Rush just doubled down on Rubio in the last half hour today.

Rubio remains a cosponsor of the I-Squared Act. Anybody ask him why Americans should send their kids to college for a STEM degree when we can import them for $1.10/hour?


Valiant on February 3, 2016 at 2:51 PM

Rush just doubled down on Rubio in the last half hour today.

Valiant on February 3, 2016 at 2:51 PM

I was surprised at that. I thought he would walk some of that back after the backlash from the peanut gallery. I think Rush sometimes let friendship get in the way of reality. Every time I hear him pushing his friend Rubio, I remember back a few years ago, he tried very hard to convince his listeners that his friend Brian Williams was a middle of the road moderate, not a liberal.

Alabama Infidel on February 3, 2016 at 3:18 PM

Wow, I never thought I would live to see the day, but I’ll never listen to Rush again.

Gang of Eight? Yeah, it frigging happened.

TPA, TPP, and TPWhatever – Yeah, Marco the Establishment Knight is on track to get all these passed. TPA alone put him firmly in the looser camp when it comes to protecting American jobs.

22 years after NAFTA and we have a 200 billion dollar trade deficit with Canada and Mexico and manufacturing jobs have all but disappeared. But we were told it would help us. If you like your job you get to keep it. Sound familiar? Think Healthcare and Obama if your memory is failing you.

And Rubio wants unlimited high tech visas. Guess they helped kill the blue collar jobs so let’s go after the white collar jobs now.

Rush. You. Are. An. IDIOT. And Rubio is an Establishment hack. If he wins, I will not vote for him. I voted McCain. I voted Romney. No more. If the GOP picks another “stick it the middle class” guy while pretending to be conservative I’m out. I’d rather have the band-aid ripped off than slowly torn back. Let’s get the pain over with.

gmerits on February 3, 2016 at 4:48 PM

Rush has always supported and d for every GOPe candidate who has ever ran for the POTUS. He’s a faux conservative just like 995 of who in the media,pundits, etc who claim to be conservatives. Trump has outed them all. I would never vote for Rubio under any circumstances. He is a liar, a war monger and will open the borders even wider. He’s a skunk.

they lie on February 3, 2016 at 6:25 PM

Whether or not we like Rush Limbaugh, he has always advocated voting for the most conservative candidate who can win the general election. Donald tRump has fanned the flames of an anti-immigrant revolt, but how “conservative” is he really when he gave money to Hillary’s campaign to help his business, and has advocated single-payer health care, equivalent to Obamacare on steroids?
The Donald’s women-bashing is bound to hurt him in an election against Hillary Clinton, while neither Cruz nor Rubio have criticized women in general, and their criticisms of Hillary Clinton are based on policy and the classified-Email coverup.

Polls can change (and the Iowa polls proved to be wrong), but the current RCP average of general-election polls shows both Rubio and Cruz narrowly ahead of Hillary, but tRump losing to Hillary. Ted Cruz is a “purer” conservative than Rubio, but Rubio is “conservative enough” for many Republican voters, and may actually be the candidate Hillary fears most.

Steve Z on February 3, 2016 at 6:39 PM

We do not need someone on the radio to ‘read’ The Drudge Report out loud to us.

The only people I know who STILL listen to Rush Limbaugh, anymore, are the ones that do not have the IDrudge report app on their spiffy iphone.

The 2nd thing is, we certainly DO NOT need to be insulted by a radio talker on a splitting-hair-dialogue, telling us the difference between John McCain in the gang-of-eight vs. Marco Rubio joining the gang-of-8…

Marco Rubio is to John McCain what Mitt Romney was running against Obama, same incompetence, same outcome, a total failure in defending conservative principles that matter; give in a little and it doesn’t matter how CONSERVATIVE one proposes to be, the message fails to deliver results.

Ted Cruz is in for a serious bruising what with all the recent – and forgoing – issues related to flip-flopping on immigration, serious fumbles on the campaign trail, etcetera, etcetera…

Message to Rush Limbaugh: Remember the water carrying you did for G.W. pre-Donald Rumsfeld resigning? And your apology the day after, for ever carrying the water ‘for these guys’ as you put it? There is a reason why Rubio’s polls never came up before Iowa (a lot of new low-information voters at the caucuses…)

Rush, you also do not need to be carrying the water for Marco Rubio……..just saying (or anyone for that matter, keep their feet to the fire, don’t pander – geeza freaking louis, do I need to lecture you on your dam job!?)

The conservative/tea party movement is on the roll for Cruz, but his missteps are causing some serious soul-searching among the same.

Stumping the AM radio dial for Marco Rubio is giving people a reason to buy an iphone so they can download the iDrudgeReport app.

The reason talk radio is bleeding listeners is because the cable and hard wire phone companies have figured out how to provide hi-speed internet service to the outermost regions of the AM broadcast area, thus giving the ole’ country folk the freedom to wander off the ‘talk radio plantation’ to get their ‘straight talk’ news feed.

Message to Rush Limbaugh, I would either retire while on top, or, apologize/walk-back this Rubio bromance, as it is surely your death knell extraordinaire.
If you, Rush, cannot apologize, than it is no wonder, no one else including Trump, has a hard time apologizing, as there are no more living examples of humble statesman leaders, so we bounce from craziness to craziness until someONE can figure out what that even means!

I would call all this aforementioned bullsh!t a product of morons, but that would be an insult to morons!

Mcguyver on February 3, 2016 at 10:41 PM

Just to be clear, I will check Rush’s website one more time for an ‘obama style’ apology for carrying Rubio’s water, if it doesn’t show up, well then everybody within my ear shot will be told that Rush Limbaugh is a conservative traitor, and I WILL NEVER, EVER, LISTEN TO SUCH A [email protected] TALKER ON THE RADIO!! I simply don’t have time for this nonsense! We are TRYING to save our country here, for God sakes!
If you cannot stick up for conservative solutions that work, that get the flying-flip OUT OF THE WAY!!


Mcguyver on February 3, 2016 at 10:54 PM