Chris Matthews scolds Ronan Farrow: Liberals need to stop looking down on tea partiers

posted at 2:31 pm on June 11, 2014 by Noah Rothman

MSNBC host Ronan Farrow earned a bit of a dressing down from his colleague, Chris Matthews, on Wednesday after he praised the uncommon intellectualism of some of the 2014 cycle’s insurgent candidates. When Farrow, who you may not have known used to serve in the State Department, said he found the academics like Dave Brat a “refreshing” change of pace from past tea party candidates, Matthews scolded him and others for their condescension.

“Here’s the other thing that looks non-establishment in these guys’ rhetoric,” Farrow said of Brat and Jack Trammell, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Congress in Virginia’s 7th district. “They are so hyper intellectual.”

While Farrow noted that Trammell received a better “rate my professor” score than Brat, he also remarked on the novelty of Brat’s desire to govern in the model of the political philosophers who founded the nation. “Is it rare to see that kind of brazen intellectualism, particularly in populist candidates like this?” Farrow asked Matthews.

“Well, first of all, I don’t think you can assume that the liberals are smarter than the conservative professors,” Matthews shot back. “I think that’s crazy talk, and it’s exactly the kind of attitude conservatives can’t stand.”

“This looking down our noses at tea party people has got to stop,” Matthews added. “They have a message, they’re as American as any liberal is, and they’re really angry of the failure of the system.”

“We can’t control the deficit, we can’t control the debt, we can’t control the border,” the Hardball host railed. “What is government good at?”

Just to hammer home the point that Brat’s victory not necessarily based on crass nativism, MSNBC host Chuck Todd noted that immigration reform with an eye toward extending citizenship to illegal immigrants will not pass until the economy fully rebounds. “When people have anxiety about their own personal future, the last thing they want is more competition for a smaller number of jobs,” Todd said.

Farrow closed by informing Matthews that he agreed with the substance of his reprimand.

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This may surprise some, but Mathews used to have the best political show on TV. Mark Levin used to come on regularly. Mathews was fair to Republicans and tough on Dems. He clearly insinuated he voted for George W. Bush in 2000.

Then he went bonkers in 2005 and has been a frothing at the mouth hate monger most of the time since. An odd ball Democrat trying to help Obama. Not sure what is going on in that fat head of his.

KMav on June 11, 2014 at 6:46 PM

Media Matters did a hit job in 2006 that singled out Chrissy for his over-the-top fawning coverage of Chimpy Bush’s aircraft carrier landing. Why it took them 3 years to get around to noticing is anyone’s guess.

Mission Accomplished

Chief among the cheerleaders was MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. On the May 1, 2003, edition of Hardball, Matthews was joined in his effusive praise of Bush by right-wing pundit Ann Coulter and “Democrat” Pat Caddell. Former U.S. Rep. Robert K. Dornan (R-CA) also appeared on the program.

MATTHEWS: What’s the importance of the president’s amazing display of leadership tonight?

MATTHEWS: What do you make of the actual visual that people will see on TV and probably, as you know, as well as I, will remember a lot longer than words spoken tonight? And that’s the president looking very much like a jet, you know, a high-flying jet star. A guy who is a jet pilot. Has been in the past when he was younger, obviously. What does that image mean to the American people, a guy who can actually get into a supersonic plane and actually fly in an unpressurized cabin like an actual jet pilot?

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you, Bob Dornan, you were a congressman all those years. Here’s a president who’s really nonverbal. He’s like Eisenhower. He looks great in a military uniform. He looks great in that cowboy costume he wears when he goes West. I remember him standing at that fence with Colin Powell. Was [that] the best picture in the 2000 campaign?

MATTHEWS: The president there — look at this guy! We’re watching him. He looks like he flew the plane. He only flew it as a passenger, but he’s flown —

CADDELL: He looks like a fighter pilot.

MATTHEWS: He looks for real. What is it about the commander in chief role, the hat that he does wear, that makes him — I mean, he seems like — he didn’t fight in a war, but he looks like he does.

Del Dolemonte on June 11, 2014 at 7:16 PM

Wonder if aliens replaced him a few years ago and they have now returned the original. I remember Matthews guest hosting for Rush.

wifarmboy on June 11, 2014 at 7:56 PM

Did Chris Matthews bonk his head and rewire his brain? This is like the third time I’ve heard him make sense in as many weeks. What is happening? Does. Not. Compute.

Texas Zombie on June 11, 2014 at 10:50 PM

More people likely watched it here than when it originally aired.

TRB on June 12, 2014 at 2:08 AM