To cleanse the palate, this one’s at least two weeks old but making the rounds today on Facebook and Twitter. Consider it a reminder that unlikely possibilities, however remote the odds, do sometimes come through.

Although some people have to climb walls much higher than this.

In previous reports on our House forecasting model, we’ve noted two key things: Democrats have a very small chance of retaking the House in 2014 and, if anything, Republicans are more likely to gain seats than lose seats. But how many seats could the GOP gain? And with what probability?…

The chance of [Democrats] regaining the House is still very low — about 1%

[B]ased on the current model and current conditions, there is a real chance that the 2014 election could give the GOP as many or more seats as it had after the wave election of 2010. There is less of a chance, though still a chance, that the GOP could command a majority as large as its post-WWII high-water mark. But, as of now, 2014 appears unlikely to give the GOP the unprecedented majorities it had after 1928 (or after 1920 for that matter, when it controlled 302 seats).

They have a chance to pick up Senate seats this year too a la 2012, which, if it happened, would all but guarantee another filibuster-proof majority after the 2016 Senate elections and thereby usher in the End Times. But it’s a small chance, probably on the order of you and I making it to the top of the wall before this dude does.

Anyway, good to know that Spider-Man is real.