The Ed Morrissey Show: SOTU preview with Andrew Malcolm

posted at 2:51 pm on January 28, 2014 by Ed Morrissey

Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), my friend Andrew Malcolm joins us as always on today’s TEMS at 4 pm ET! The Prince of Twitter and I will discuss tonight’s State of the Union speech and all of the hot political stories of the day. The last twenty minutes will be our Lightning Round, where our Chatizens ask the questions and we provide the pithy answers, so be sure to register for your free Ustream account today to participate!

The Ed Morrissey Show and its dynamic chatroom can be seen on the permanent TEMS page. Be sure to join us, and don’t forget to keep up with the debate on my Facebook page, too!

Keep praying that Marizela Perez will be found, and peace brought to her family.

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If we keep Obama or get rid of him let us do it for the right reasons not for partisan politics.

Keep in mind it is Congress that DID or DID NOT write the laws that at are the heart of our problems.
It is they who wrote the Health Care Law.
It is they who voted on the Health Care Law without reading it.
It is they who have not passed a budget in 5 years.
It is they who who have spent us into future oblivion.

It is these people that must truly be held accountable for their actions in the next and all future elections.

jpcpt03 on January 29, 2014 at 4:02 PM