Pelosi: My, these Republicans certainly are obsessed with Benghazi

posted at 5:31 pm on May 11, 2013 by Erika Johnsen

On MSNBC Saturday morning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she, too, wants to find out what happened in Benghazi, but that Republicans are taking political advantage of the investigation to distract from other, more important issues.

“The obsession that some of my Republican colleagues have in the House doesn’t look like it’s on the path to really finding a solution, but just to keeping an issue alive,” she said. …

“We certainly have to give the full attention Benghazi deserves, but we cannot let it soak up all of the congressional attention,” Pelosi said. “What would be the purpose of that?” …

“We want to find out what did happen, but … then it becomes an issue that is subterfuge: ‘Let’s talk about Benghazi forever, so we don’t have to talk about what the American people want us to talk about,'” Pelosi said. “They want us to talk about jobs, they want us to talk about economic security, economic growth.” …

“Much of what is being said out there by some of my colleagues in Congress is simply not true … it simply isn’t true,” Pelosi said. “So we have to make sure the public record is clear.”

‘What would be the purpose of that?’ Oh, I don’t know — finding out the truth, maybe? And anyhow, there was plenty more going on on the Hill last week besides the Benghazi hearings, from immigration-reform to fracking rules, and as long as we’re at an economic-growth impasse, with Democrats demanding more stimulus measures and higher taxes and Republicans looking for regulatory rollback and tax reform, why don’t we devote some attention to figuring out exactly whose failures led to the deaths of four Americans and the subsequent pre-election lies about the nature of the attack to the American people? And hey, if some of the focus is political, that door easily swings both ways — the degree to which Republicans are ‘obsessively’ trying to push the story is only matched by the degree to which Democrats are ‘obsessively’ trying to minimize it.

And what is it Republicans are saying that “simply isn’t true”?  After this week’s hearings and ABC report on the changed talking points, even certain media outlets are cautiously admitting that, er, well yeah, actually, there are some substantive lingering questions here and the White House is starting to look kinda’ bad, even as they’re determinedly trying to steer the story to the State Department as some kind of completely separate entity and keep the focus off of their shoddy MidEast policies. Sorry, but the time for sweeping this under the rug is long past, and somebody is certainly trying to distract here — but it ain’t the Republicans.

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