Pelosi: Obama should just use the 14th Amendment to set his own debt ceiling

posted at 8:01 am on January 7, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

It’s always good to see Congressional leaders defending the separation of powers, isn’t it? For someone who told reporters in November that she’s “always with the Constitution,” Nancy Pelosi seems eager to flush the legislative branch’s power of the purse down the drain when her political party controls the executive branch:

Pelosi’s solution to the impasse is for the president to — as some scholars have proposed — bypass Congres

s and invoke the 14th Amendment, which states that “[t]he validity of the public debt … shall not be questioned.”

“We always passed the debt ceiling [increases] when President Bush was president, as he was incurring these massive debts and the Republicans weren’t saying ‘boo’ at the time,” Pelosi said when asked why Congress can’t solve these problems before they become crises.

“There should be — this is a conversation where there should be no doubt. In fact, if I were president, I would use the 14th Amendment, which says that the United States will always be paying … I would just go do it, right. But the Congress has incurred much of this debt. So what are we saying? We incurred it, but we’re not going to pay it? If you want to say we’re not going to do it so much in the future, well, that’s another thing, but you can’t say I’m not paying my past debts.”

This is an improvement for Pelosi. A few weeks ago, she didn’t know enough about the Constitution to pick the right amendment:

One reason why those Congresses always approved the debt ceiling increases is because those Congresses always passed a budget through normal order.  Pelosi’s Democrats have blocked that process since April 2009, and even in the final Bush term blocked the FY2009 budget in 2008 until Obama took office.  It’s not the Republicans who have been obstructing normal order on budgets, which would produce a debt ceiling increase to match the spending necessary in a normal budget.  The problem isn’t that Barack Obama needs dictatorial powers, it’s that Harry Reid has all but assumed them in breaking the law for the last three-plus years in refusing to produce budgets in the Senate.

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What is the point in even fighting anymore? There is no country left. What the founders wanted means nothing anymore. Freedom is gone.

We have entered a post-American America and there is no going back to any form of sane government.

The problem is there is no place better to go to. This is all there is in the entire world. In the entire world. There is no freedom left.

The slight of hand Pelosi uses, uses… just keeps up the illusion that we have a voice. We don’t. It is all bought and paid for and we can watch football or play videos games while we become the Borg. There is nothing to fight for anymore… that chance is gone. (Our last chance was gone in about 2009 when the attacks on Romney started and the right took Obama’s bait, to destroy him. Don’t blame the left, we did this to our self. More so if you supported Ron Paul… every political distraction brought us to this.)

The Brave New World of totalitarianism is here. There is no going back.

How about those Sea Hawks eh?

petunia on January 7, 2013 at 4:40 PM

IlikedAUH2O on January 7, 2013 at 2:07 PM

Actually I saw your post. The overspending under George Bush was more than I would have liked, but the majority of that was championed by the Left and wasn’t even near what they wanted to spend.

One can ignore every word uttered by any liberal mouthpiece posing as an expert on anything. They serve their America-hating-paycheck-providers by prostituting their credentials repeating wordsmithed, focus group tested, reality-free talking points. No one need consult the writings or utterences of these cowards. One need only read White House propaganda feeds. It’s all right there everyday. Read those and the CNNs and the Media Matters in the stream are superfluous. It amazes me that anyone even pays attention to them anymore, that they haven’t cratered like Air America and AlGore Zero.

How anyone can seriously believe our economy’s present 30 degree list is George Bush’s fault should find simple unadjusted graphs of government spending and government debt spanning the last 12 years. There is an obvious spike in those graphs. What changed at that time? And was that George Bush’s idea?

As patriots who love this country, we need to stop frequenting liberal sites, stop watching liberal news and concentrate on starving them as they are attempting to starve us. No more Springsteen, Striesand, or Green Day. Stop watching, quoting or even acknowledging Mathews, Maddow or Williams. Completely ignore the so-called financial experts and “unbiased” economists trotted out to make baseless predictions of an impending utopia to lull the stupid into feeling blissfully peaceful as their childrens’ futures are destroyed.

We can’t confiscate their funds, but we can diminish their incomes. Step up and starve the parasites.

ROCnPhilly on January 7, 2013 at 8:07 PM

Constitution Constitution We don’t need no stinking Constitution

georgeofthedesert on January 7, 2013 at 10:05 PM

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