Video: Congressman uses Colorado shooting victims to justify Obamacare

posted at 10:41 am on July 31, 2012 by Mary Katharine Ham

Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado, on a Facebook and telephone town hall Monday:

The health care overhaul law, deemed “Obamacare,” by conservatives will “stop the discrimination against people with prior illnesses or injuries — or, say, some of the folks who were shot in the theater,” Perlmutter said during the meeting, conducted via Facebook and over a teleconference.

“They would be uninsurable now that they’ve had that wound, but under the Affordable Care Act they can’t be discriminated against starting in 2014.”

In case you’re wondering, yes, he’s already called for stricter gun laws, too, two days after the incident on “Face the Nation,” so he’s marking off all the politicization boxes.

He’s represents the Aurora area, so he has a moral authority card to play, but swing-state disapproval of Obamacare has held remarkably consistent at over 50 percent, and Perlmutter’s district has enough persuadable voters to be targeted by Republicans this year. I imagine it won’t sit well with all of them to hear their fellow citizens marshaled to justify Perlmutter’s unpopular vote while they’re still in the hospital. Gross.

Meanwhile, the victims’ families mourned at three funerals this weekend— for Matt McQuinn, who saved his girlfriend’s life, for Jessica Ghawi, the redheaded spitfire, and for Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, who saved his friend and fellow airman that night— with a handful more set for this week.

Gov. John Hickenlooper, also a Democrat, has suggested that discussion of laws can wait until after they’re laid to rest.

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Americans ALWAYS get the government they DESERVE.

This case is merely another example of voters being too lazy to learn the facts about this clown they voted into office, thus I feel no pity for them at all.

DannoJyd on August 2, 2012 at 4:49 PM