Video: Romney needs to be an “open book” if he’s going to run for president, says … Obama

posted at 9:09 pm on July 9, 2012 by Allahpundit

Oh, I don’t know. I suspect America’s willing to elect a guy who takes liberties with his personal narrative; who refuses to disclose certain basic details of his education; who’s cultivated an image as a “blank screen” onto which people can project their own aspirations; and who as president has battled to keep documents secret that might reveal the inner workings of a scandal that resulted in a U.S. Border Patrol being killed.

Don’t you think?

Incidentally, I can’t tell you how excited I am that, amid a European economic crises and standoff with Iran, and with the future of American health care and entitlement reform in the balance, the election might turn on whether Mitt Romney has some money in the Caymans or not. Click the image to watch.

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This coming from a person that refused to release his birth certificate upon pain of death. If he had nothing to worry about…why did it almost take an act of God to release it.

logicman_1998 on July 10, 2012 at 2:25 PM

College transcripts … nope, those are TS.
College writings (Harvard Lawn Review) … as if he wrote ANYTHING, … nope Top Secret also.
Publications while he was an Adjunct (Lecturer) Professor at U of Chicago (night classes) … nope, he published NADA.
How about his property transactions with Rezko … nope, all hidden from public scrutiny.
OK, OK, how about the results of his physical? No. We not releasing any of that either. (Not unlike William Jefferson Bly Clinton … remember?)
How about the public meeting rosters in the White House Log. They are public aren’t they? No. Not according to this Adminstration.
Why did The Won and the Vacation Princess surrender their licenses to practice law? (My lawyer brother says that is very unusual and is only done ‘for cause’ … i.e. they were about to lose them by action of the State Bar Association.)
Say how about that Executive Privledge thing regarding Holder’s Operation FAST & FURIOUS. (Kind like to get that settled before the election, right?) Nah, the LSM has got him covered like a cheap suit on that one.

Missilengr on July 10, 2012 at 3:51 PM