Perry hitting “Values” theme in South Carolina push

posted at 2:25 pm on January 6, 2012 by Jazz Shaw

Since his surprise kind-of-exit from the race and then even more surprising “still in the race” announcement, people have been wondering how Rick Perry will breath a second wave of life into his primary hopes. New Hampshire looks pretty much out of reach for him, and Rick Santorum is sucking all the oxygen out of the room in terms of polling in the south right now. As predicted, it seems that Governor Perry will go the route many of us anticipated on the night of the Iowa caucuses and make his last stand in South Carolina.

Perry will make his presence known in the Palmetto State before he even sets foot there.

An aide to Perry told ABC News that the campaign would begin running statewide TV ads on broadcast and cable in South Carolina on Friday. Make Us Great Again, a pro-Perry super PAC, has blanketed the state with television ads since November.

Perry will bring the one-on-one retail politicking he displayed during his Iowa bus tour to South Carolina over the course of the next two weeks. The campaign will likely downsize from the Faith, Jobs and Freedom bus it drove through Iowa for three weeks and opt instead for a suburban caravan as it travels through a smaller state, focusing most of its time in the northern area.

Assisting in this effort is the fact that Perry probably still has significantly more money than Santorum and somewhat of a better established campaign infrastructure. They were able to get their first ad up on the air very quickly and had the money to do a pretty substantial media buy. In it, he’s not talking policy, jobs, taxes, etc. so much as he’s swinging back to his original line of attack: focusing on his strong family values, which should play well in South Carolina. Here’s the first ad for your consideration.

“As the son of tenant farmers from the West Texas town of Paint Creek, I learned the values of hard work, faith, and family.

I took those values with me when I served our country as a pilot in the Air Force.

I returned home to farm and ranch with my father and married my high school sweetheart.

The values I learned served me well as governor of Texas and will continue to guide me as president.

I’m Rick Perry, and I approve this message.”

If Perry can pull this off it will be one of the greatest comeback stories in GOP primary history. (Of course, given the strange, roller coaster nature of this race, everything is history making to some extent.) Since the voting ended in Iowa, there have been some tremors of doubt over whether or not Santorum could go the distance and defeat Obama. Perry would no doubt like to capitalize on those concerns and try to overturn the tables and replace the Pennsylvanian as the Romney alternative. In fact, he’s already put out a video to that effect.

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Before George W Bush was elected Governor of Texas he only ran for office once in 1978 and lost.

His oil company went bust in the mid 80’s. Helped his dad on his 1988 campaign.

He had his run with the Texas Rangers as a managing partner & helped his Dad on his 1992 campaign.

1994 Bush surprised the hell outta everybody and won the gubernatorial election. One ear after re-election he started his run for the presidency.

In comparison Gov. Perry has a lot more experience at every level of governing legislative, administrative and including the executive level then Bush did when he ran for the presidency in 2000.

workingclass artist on January 6, 2012 at 9:37 PM

I can remember when Perry took over after Bush went to DC. The legislature under Speaker Laney were acting like yahoos…He got their attention pretty quick.

“The new governor, according to a key insider, clashed was denied a seat at the table by the top two statehouse leaders, including moderate Republican Lt. Gov. Bob Ratliff, elected by the Democrat-dominated state senate to replace Perry when he moved on to the top slot.

When Perry gets pushed into a corner, he doubles down,” says Kathie Miller, executive director of Texas Freedom Network, a liberal watchdog group. After the first frustrating legislative session had ended, Perry issued more than six dozen vetoes in what came to be known as the Father’s Day Massacre, the largest group of vetoes ever issued by a Lone Star governor. It was a shot across the bow to the leadership.

Read more:

workingclass artist on January 6, 2012 at 10:09 PM

Malachi45 on January 6, 2012 at 5:12 PM

I agree with Santorum when he said that the main problem with Medicare Part D was that there’s no means-testing, meaning that anyone from the bum on the street to Bill Gates can get assistance paying for their prescription drugs. It should be means-tested, but I’m not vehemently against it, no.

On education, localizing vs. Federalizing isn’t what’s at issue. The problem with education is four-fold:

1.) Teacher competence – teachers often earn some of the worst grades out of those who go to college, so it’s no wonder that the cluelessness becomes recursively engrained in successive generations
2.) Student effort & academic rigor – through grade inflation we allow students to put out next to no effort actually learning material
3.) Classroom discipline – we no longer allow disciplining of children to occur out of fear of a lawsuit
4.) Curriculum content – much of the content we now teach is garbage. Rainforest math? Aborigines? Native Americans? Give me some American history, real math with things like long division and logarithms still taught. Also, bring back grammar, spelling, and dictation — no more of this creativity / diversity / self-esteem nonsense

Localizing it doesn’t solve your problem. All it means is that you now have the same problems as before but with incompetent local bureaucrats rather than incompetent Federal ones. Remember, China has a highly centralized system, but they turn out consistently better students.

On Federalism and states rights, it’s often a cop-out for ducking moral issues where a state boundary line is irrelevant to the pertinent details of a situation. Federalism has its place, but it’s put on too high a pedestal in today’s GOP.

Stoic Patriot on January 6, 2012 at 5:32 PM

No, the problem with Medicare Part D is that it is unconstitutional. So is federal anything regarding education. Fidelity to the Constitution and the system of federalism it established is not a cop out and it is not on too high a pedestal. It is depressing that you and Rick Santorum don’t understand that. Governor Perry does.

Or perhaps you can show me where in the Constitution it grants authority to Congress to legislate on those issues in explicit enough language that it overides the 10th Amendment and swallows the enumerated powers in a blanket plenipotentiary catch all power? You can’t. It’s not there. That means the states have the SOLE power to address those issues.

Malachi45 on January 6, 2012 at 11:46 PM

workingclass artist on January 6, 2012 at 4:31 PM

My thanks. That was a very thorough explanation. I was mistaken about the foreign corporation ownership. I apologize.

If I may make a couple of rebuttal points to some other comments on this post.

1. High speed rail was a part of the original proposal. Here is a link to the Texas Dept. of Transportation Trans Texas Corridor Plan.

See page 6 paragraph 6.

2. The 50 year concession monopoly to be granted Cintra would have made them more than a manager. It would have given them 50 years worth of tolls and control of several hundred miles of public roadways. To my mind that would have made them a de facto landlord for 50 years.

3. The Trans Texas Corridor smacked of crony capitalism and was an assault on private property rights. Governor Perry aggressively pushed the Trans Texas Corridor for 5+ years. He only recognized the “error of his ways” after years of public outcry and intense political pressure. That bothers me.

4. The Trans Texas corridor was not his final flirtation with crony capitalism. There is the Gardasil scandal and Convergen LifeSciences Inc. among other recent examples.

MessesWithTexas on January 7, 2012 at 3:09 AM

GO, Governor Perry!
He is a man’s man who didn’t shirk his duty to his country, has accomplished more than anyone else in this race, and is a real leader.
Rick Perry is the right man at the right time.
Santorum couldn’t even keep his Senate seat. What makes the one-trick pony think that America will embrace him?
Americans will embrace Rick Perry.
The ads are excellent and I expect more of the same.
Santorum can wear a hunting vest and hang a shotgun on his shoulder all day long (my wife can do that too), but that doesn’t make him White House material.


Karl Magnus on January 7, 2012 at 8:59 AM

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