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posted at 10:20 pm on September 30, 2011 by Allahpundit

“A recent Gallup survey shows that, among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, Herman Cain has the highest net favorability rating of anyone in the current GOP presidential field. Cain’s net favorability rating among those who are familiar with him is +62 points (77 percent hold a favorable opinion of him, while 15 percent hold an unfavorable opinion). Rick Perry is 2nd, with a +54 net favorability rating among those who are familiar with him (71 percent favorable, 17 percent unfavorable). Most of the 2-week survey, however, was conducted before the most recent GOP debate (in which Perry struggled) and before the subsequent Florida straw poll (won by Cain) — so the gap between Cain and Perry has likely widened…

“Cain also ranks first among those who feel “strongly” (either way), as 27 percent have a ‘strongly favorable’ opinion of him, while only 1 percent hold a ‘strongly unfavorable’ opinion.”


“Does a résumé like Herman Cain’s add up to an American presidency? I used to think not. But after watching the American Idol system we’ve fallen into for discovering a president—with opinion polls, tongue slips and media caprice deciding front-runners and even presidents—I’m rewriting my presidential-selection software…

“The GOP nominee is running against the incumbent president. Unlike the incumbent, Herman Cain has at least twice identified the causes of a large failing enterprise, designed goals, achieved them, and by all accounts inspired the people he was supposed to lead. Not least, Mr. Cain’s life experience suggests that, unlike the incumbent, he will adjust his ideas to reality.

“Herman Cain is a credible candidate. Whether he deserves to be president is something voters will decide. But he deserves a serious look.”


“But money, as it were, is a problem: While Romney and Perry have a ton of it, Cain lacks the fundraising network of his better-known rivals. And that’s not the only issue. Cain is competing with Perry, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum for social conservatives, and that means he needs to do respectably in Iowa, where they make up a major chunk of the GOP electorate. But Cain has little organization in the state – as evidenced by his fifth place finish in the Iowa straw poll – and some his staff in the state quit because they didn’t think the campaign was putting in a serious effort.

“A Cain campaign official acknowledged to CBS News that the candidate is unlikely to win Iowa. But the campaign hopes to survive the state – a third-place finish would be enough, though Cain has claimed he’d be ‘ecstatic’ with fifth-place – and then hold on until South Carolina.

It’s a state Cain’s campaign believes the candidate can win — and thus eventually get to the White House. Cain hails from nearby Georgia, where he hosted a radio show that could be heard across the border; the state is also 28 percent African-American and highly religious, which makes it demographically appealing for Cain, a Baptist minister. And the open primary means Democrats and independents who support Cain can cast ballots.”


“The absence of GOP competition for the black vote has allowed the left wing to demagogue the Republican party in the most negative of terms within the black community, without much of a GOP response. Take for instance that comment from Melissa Harris-Perry that I discussed Wednesday, about how the Republican party is not the ‘party of civil rights.’ It is asserted far and wide that the GOP represents little more than the crudest, most reflexive form of Goldwaterism. It’s just not true, so where is the Republican pushback? If Democrats tried to slander the GOP among, say, Catholic voters, you’d see the Republican establishment move heaven and earth to counter such a scurrilous charge. But because the black vote is not up for grabs, this kind of blatant falsehood ends up going unchallenged…

“Cain is right – there is potential for Republicans among African Americans, at least in theory. White conservatives overwhelmingly vote Republican, but black conservatives do not. According to the American National Elections Study, John Kerry won about 90 percent of the black conservative vote. White moderates usually split their votes between the two parties, according to the study, but black moderates do not. Again, Kerry won better than 90 percent. By granting left wing demagogues complete freedom to mischaracterize conservative Republicanism to the black community, the party consistently loses black conservatives and moderates who might otherwise consider the GOP. This, in turn, helps prevent the big policy breakthroughs the GOP hasn’t seen for a generation…

“Herman Cain would not be able to change any of this overnight. And maybe not at all — it would take a great deal of political capital, a deft touch, and a little bit of luck. But the point is this: a Republican candidate for national office, who took competing for the black vote seriously, might help revive Republicanism in the black community. The process could be similar to the kind of top-down advancement the GOP enjoyed in the South after World War II — when Dwight Eisenhower, the Texas-born national hero who beat the Nazis, convinced Dixie to give the Republican party a second look. If Herman Cain could do that for the GOP with African Americans, there would be a real potential not only for the party to do better nationwide, but for African Americans to leverage their voting strength more effectively.”



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I really like Cain BUT BUT he does not have a lot of depth and experience in multiple disciplines that a POTUS needs and those are facts.

g2825m on October 1, 2011 at 12:46 PM

What you say?

Herman Cain turned around not one, but two flagging companies.

Herman Cain worked in the Navy on ballistics.

Herman Cain was chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas.

Herman Cain was President of the National Restaurant Association, where he took on Clinton and Hillarycare and explained how it would ruin businesses.

The idea Herman Cain is one-dimensional is a fabrication of the people who still stick by the “pizza guy” meme. I can’t even listen to Jay Severeign on Talk 1200 since he’s such a condescending punk and the classic Romney Guy frat boy.

BKennedy on October 1, 2011 at 1:08 PM

Save yourself some typing.

ddrintn on October 1, 2011 at 9:52 AM

Yet you keep responding. You are totally in the bag for Palin and you are a joke. You are an embarrassment. If Palin does not run or loses you will be crushed. That is why you are a nista and a nutter. You just won’t face it. You simply continue on with your nearly blind allegiance. You are both hilarious and sad.You are almost cartoonish in your behavior.

CW on October 1, 2011 at 1:55 PM

BKennedy on October 1, 2011 at 1:08 PM

I think people are mostly concerned with his lack of political experience, even though what we want is an outsider; things work different in the world of politics. Had he just one term as Governor of Georgia, I bet his support would be much more solid. As is, he is doing just fine with the uphill battle he faces by coming out with substantive solutions to the problems this nation faces. Like Cain said himself, he will focus on his message and that is how he will build support.

Daemonocracy on October 1, 2011 at 1:56 PM

He’s turned around two large companies. Mitt Romney “saved” the Olympics, which is a one-time deal.

Economically, Mitt Romney’s plan has north of 50 friggen points. You’re worried about Cain’s 3 points but blithely ignore Romney’s rabbit hole of 50+ separate warps through the overburdened tax code? Math must not be your strong suit – but it is Herman Cain’s, seeing as he has a Mathematics degree.

As for Foreign Policy, you’re extrapolating one data point infinitely as a “symptom.” Well, Romneycare is a “symptom” that Mitt Romney is a big fan of mandates, and Romney’s multitude of flip-flops are “symptoms” that his political word is as good as Barack Hussein Obamas – e.g. whatever Mitt Romney tells you has an expiration date.

Ahhh….Mitt Romney’s private sector experience was turning around companies and so he has done more than “saved” the Olympics which he did and would have been an embarrassment for the USA if they failed miserably and so our country turned to the man they knew that could save them – Mitt Romney!
Ever heard of that company where Kobe Bryant plays basketball called the Staples center? When they were young and struggling who did they turn to to help them – Mitt Romney.
See the pattern America? Romney did the same thing to MA as it was bleeding cash big time with its budget and Romney, a conservative, using conservative principles, turned around a liberal state!

So you all here on HA that trash Romney, look at every other liberal state where liberals run it and you can see where their economies stand! Romney used his conservative principles both in private and gov’t sectors and has succeeded everywhere.
It is truly amazing that so many question his abilities but obviously, many who aren’t surfing all day long and do not pay too much attention to politics recognize that Romney has what it takes to beat Obama thus why Romney is leading in many polls. America is waking up that he is NOT this boogeyman many MSM and conservatives make him out to be…

I look forward to Romney as our president and hopefully see many of you on here in early 2013 saying you know I was wrong about Romney.

PS I am sure ALL of us on here have changed our minds about what we once believed once we either matured or learned more facts so this whole flip flopping thing is useless…besides he has only flipped to the conservative side…why we be upset with that?

g2825m on October 1, 2011 at 2:02 PM

why we be upset with that?

haha Should have read “Why should we be upset with that?”

PSS Also I am talking about Cain’s lack of political experience but not only that his depth in many important issues that a president needs to know. I am sorry but America does not have the time to wait around while a President has on the job training in the White House. Look forward to more debates!

Good nite from this Sailor in AFG!

g2825m on October 1, 2011 at 2:08 PM

Come on. If Palin had done something like that we’d STILL be hearing about it as evidence of her stupidity. heck, she can say “Herm” and the PDS orthodoxy instantly becomes “Herb”.

ddrintn on October 1, 2011 at 9:49 AM

She clearly said “Herb” several times. But you want us to believe you and not our “lying ears”. ‘Bot.

-Aslan’s Girl

Aslans Girl on October 1, 2011 at 5:40 PM

PS I am sure ALL of us on here have changed our minds about what we once believed once we either matured or learned more facts so this whole flip flopping thing is useless…besides he has only flipped to the conservative side…why we be upset with that?

g2825m on October 1, 2011 at 2:02 PM

You have the minor problem that you have engaged someone who actually lives in Massachusetts. Romney is not some far-away enigma to me, I live with the aftermath of his policies every day.

Romney is not some big hero here. At best he made our absurd Democrat controlled legislature override his veto several times, on his way to implementing a fair number of fees and, of course, Romneycare, which may have the single worst return on investment in history, by ensuring 5% more people in the state and raising premiums by a much greater percentage than five. He and the Heritage Foundation should have known that trying to implement an ostensibly conservative policy through an extreme liberal legislature with a supermajority was never going to work.

Romney was neither inept nor incompetent as Governor, and I would certainly prefer him to Perry who cannot articulate his way out of a wet paper bag – therefore making him an easy target for a snake like Obama.

But Romney is definitely a person you settle for, and I see no reason to settle in this election cycle. Romney has a perfect place on the ticket of a more principled President, where he can leverage his fundraising ability and northern influence for maximum impact. But he is not some conservative stalwart or some Reaganesque convert, he simply takes the most tepid acceptable position based on a primary or general election so that he may shift it to the next most rightward or leftward tepid position as the need arises over time.

Which makes Romney a shrewd politician. I’ve had enough of those.

BKennedy on October 1, 2011 at 11:16 PM