Good news: Obama’s actually taken way less vacation than Reagan or Bush

posted at 9:57 pm on August 19, 2011 by Allahpundit

A Twitter friend insists that this is apples and oranges because Reagan and Bush were “vacationing” at their homes/ranches whereas The One’s on a true holiday up at the Vineyard. There’s something to that, but it’s not the home/hotel distinction. Like Krauthammer said last night on Fox, the optics of clearing brush are waaaaay different from the optics of hobnobbing with the creme de la creme of tax-me-more liberal millionaires. He might as well have gone to Aspen and done a photo op with Barbra Streisand of the two of them drinking thousand-dollar champagne.

Maybe Peggy Noonan’s right. Maybe this guy doesn’t much care what people think anymore because he’s more or less given up:

On the timing, there’s an air of economic crisis hanging over everything, a sense that other shoes may drop. Actually it’s a sense of something impending, with unemployment high, Europe broke and the Mideast reaching full boil. A politician who wanted to impart a sense of leadership in crisis, who passionately wanted to keep the presidency, and who was prudently anxious about his prospects, just might let such a moment change his plans.

As for the location, the president loves Martha’s Vineyard, and there’s a lot to love—beautiful beaches, hills, biking. But it’s a little island whose summertime population is dominated by those who, due to their affluence, are essentially detached from everyday life in America. It’s a playground of the liberal rich: hedge-fund maestros, network producers, Wall Street heavyweights, left-leaning activists. It’s the kind of place that reverberates in the national imagination—that tags you as elitist no matter how many g’s you drop…

It seems important to him to be true to himself—not to be the kind of person who’d poll-test a vacation. Or maybe he thinks that no matter what he does, it won’t work, so what the heck. But his decision to go now, and there, seems either ham-handed or vaguely defiant.

As for the number of vacation days he’s taken, it seems like more than it really is because his weekend golf outings get so much media play. That’s not “vacation,” it’s just Saturday afternoon, but when you’ve got three wars on your hands plus a stubbornly horrendous economy and plenty of reasons to believe things are about to get worse, not better, every leisure outing seems badly, badly tone deaf. If he winds things down in Iraq and Libya and manages to knock unemployment down under six percent, not only will I not begrudge him that ski trip with Barbra, I’ll pop for the Dom. Exit question: What’s he doing with all the extra time he has on his hands compared to Reagan and Bush? Oh, right.

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Like many others, I am not bothered that Turdboy goes on vacation. I am bothered by his return.

SKYFOX on August 20, 2011 at 11:10 AM

OK, there is a problem with Obama vacations that is being missed. When comparisons to previous Presidents, like Reagan or Bush, are made regarding ‘vacations’ the media leaves out one glaring item.

They total the days that Reagan and Bush spent at their ranches where there was room for staff’s to work, and even allow foreign dignataries to visit. Remember the Saudis visiting Bush in Crawford?

On the other hand, Obama’s home is the one he got with that dirty land deal he was involved in with Tony (where the hell is he?) Rezco.

The media absolutely does not want to ever talk about Tony Rezco and neither does Obama. If Obama were to ever go there, then he would be asked about that dirty deal. Can anyone imagine Netanyahu visiting Obama in his ‘Chicago style’ home and looking out back at the Rezco property?

Freddy on August 20, 2011 at 1:17 PM

Rick Perry nailed it with his “inconsequential government” line.

I don’t want anyone to *care* if the President takes a vacation, because it won’t make any difference in *our lives*.

Right now, whether he “works” or not on a given day may mean my company is bankrupt tomorrow – or gets a waiver and is “permitted” to continue doing business.

That’s Soviet America right there.

Too much government.

Merovign on August 20, 2011 at 6:42 PM

I was thinking that she might have been having some “work” done, or gulp ,dare I say maybe a pregnancy. I wouldn’t put it past them to try that for a sympathy vote…

sandee on August 19, 2011 at 10:28 PM


With Barack Hussein Obama II – Barry Soetoro (Peace be unto Him. Praise His Holy Name. Let every head bow in total submission, surrender, adoration, and worship. Let everyone serve Him with every thought, word, and deed, and let everyone give to Him all their worldly goods, their hopes, and their dreams. Lay your burdens, sorrows, tribulations, sadness, hopes, and dreams at His Sacred Feet and He will give you Peace. Serve Him, and He will take care of all your needs, like buying you a car, a house, medical insurance, dental insurance, a Gulf Stream V Jet, a Citation X jet, a mansion at the location of your choosing, all the food you might wish, vacations throughout the year anywhere you wish, etc., etc. Praise Him, for He is our Savior, our Messiah, The One we have been waiting for, Hope, Change, and the Promise of a New Era) as President, and with his wife as well, which constituency do you think The One and Mrs. Food and Fitness will choose to patronize if she were pregnant?

Would they attempt to keep their child, favoring Pro-lifers, or would they choose to abort their child, something the Obamas dearly love – abortion, in order to serve the wishes of the butcher new human beings via abortion crowd.

Since our President and his wife are so hopped up on abortion as if were the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel, the discovery of fire, or the accompishment of flight, and as wonderful as the cat’s pajamas and sliced bread, I would expect that the Obamas would elect for abortion – slaughter – butcher of baby over bringing baby to term. That would warm the cockles of abortion pusher’s hearts, and The One and his wife are among them, rather than satisfy pro-lifers by keeping baby.

Nevertheless, do you think the press will ever try to find out, and report, what IS up with the First Lady’s excursion?

With “The One” and his family, I expect they will continue to act as High Priests of worship of Obama, and will cover for him.

William2006 on August 22, 2011 at 4:57 AM

I am sure that the MSM is only counting actual days away spent with family as a vacation.

However, having seen how the President plays golf he must be away from reality (Wife, children, politics, … everything) and that is what a vacation is really – taking a break to whine (sic)down to recharge your physical and mental batteries.

According to recorded data the President has played 60 rounds of golf and still cannot match the proficiency of President Eisenhower. So, how many vacation days does 60 rounds of golf equal? A typical round of golf is 4 hours. This holds true for President Obama. Even if the course is cleared of all people (as President Obama demands so no one can see how bad he really is) a round is 4 hours or more.

Therefore, 60 rounds of golf multiplied by 4 equals 232 hours, then divided 24 hours to the amount vacation days 9.66666 vacation days. The President has taken 9.66666 days away from doing our work to working us over having to worry about others he may endanger on the course with him, and the environment flora and fauna he has damaged.

MSGTAS on August 22, 2011 at 9:46 AM

Fore more years …

kregg on August 22, 2011 at 12:43 PM