Here we go: Rick Perry now “leaning toward getting in”; Report: Perry offered Gingrich campaign manager a job last week? Update: More rumbles

posted at 5:16 pm on June 9, 2011 by Allahpundit

That was fast.

[A] source close to Perry’s political team told RealClearPolitics on Thursday afternoon that the Texas governor is “leaning toward getting in” to the race.

Two of Perry’s longtime political aides, Dave Carney and Rob Johnson, were among the large group of advisers who announced Thursday that they were leaving Gingrich’s team. Carney has been a top political adviser to Perry for 14 years and continues to counsel him, and Johnson managed his most recent gubernatorial campaign…

As a prominent Texan with a longtime political infrastructure, not to mention a key finance perch atop the Republican Governors Association, Perry could gear up for a race more quickly than most of the top Republican politicians eyeing a presidential run…

Perry is said to have a solid relationship with his predecessor at the RGA, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who declined to run for president himself.

I’ve been assuming that Daniels, Barbour, and their well-heeled friends will end up rallying behind an establishment fave like Romney or Pawlenty, but I’m intrigued by the prospect of Barbour swinging around to a grassroots hero like Perry. He’d be formidable under any circumstance but very formidable with that kind of money behind him. Not so formidable that he’d be a lock to win, of course, but enough to give tea partiers pause about how they should vote in the primaries. An evenly split vote among “true conservatives” only benefits Romney; if Perry looks like he’s got the cash and cache to win the nomination, even some grassroots righties who prefer Bachmann, Palin, or Cain might tilt towards him on electability grounds.

Exit question: If Perry jumps in next week, will Palin still run? Bachmann’s committed to getting in, I think, simply because she has home-field advantage in Iowa and is betting that she can raise her national profile considerably by doing well there. It’s not about winning the nomination, in other words, it’s about building stature within the GOP a la Huckabee. Palin’s expectations will be higher, though, and now she’ll have to grapple with a third competitor who’s not only popular with her core constituency but well funded to boot. Worth giving it a go anyway?

Update: Like I said in the other thread, the timing of today’s announcement makes little sense if you think the mutiny is related to Gingrich’s vacation. If you think it’s related to the blossoming “Perry for president” campaign, though, it makes perfect sense:

[A] source close to the Gingrich campaign tells The Blaze that Perry has offered Gingrich’s now-departed campaign manager, Rob Johnson — who used to be the campaign manager for Perry — his old job back.

According to the source, “Rob and Perry spoke last week and Perry told him his old job is waiting for him.”

“I know that for a fact,” the source said.

Follow the link and check out the tweet from Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes claiming that Dave Carney — then Gingrich’s advisor — was pushing “Perry for president” speculation in Texas two weeks ago. I’m amazed that Newt didn’t realize that his team might be ready to bail on him for greener pastures before taking off on vacay. Or maybe he did realize it and figured he might as well go if they’re going to abandon him soon anyway.

Update: Another tremor via Rich Lowry:

“he’s in”: that’s what a TX source who’s always discounted idea that gov perry would run just told me

On the other hand, sources inside Perry’s team tell Bryan Preston that nothing has changed.

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Palin has said all along if Perry runs, she will not get in the race. Is she going to keep her word? With high negatives, no way she can win and the best thing she can do is throw her weight behind a candidate who can win.

The SRLC just got a lot more interesting IMHO.

PhiKapMom on June 10, 2011 at 8:04 AM
You are mistaken; Palin never said that.

Amjean on June 10, 2011 at 8:39 AM

PhiKapMom on June 10, 2011 at 8:06 AM

You do not have to be in anyone’s camp to be unsatisfied with Perry. He is a politician who used to be a Democrat and is full of himself. Enough said. However, if he gets the nomination he will provide a stark contrast policywise to Obama, which is a good thing. The more in the primaries the merrier.

txmomof6 on June 10, 2011 at 12:21 PM

Two of Perry’s longtime political aides, Dave Carney and Rob Johnson, were among the large group of advisers who announced Thursday that they were leaving Gingrich’s team. Carney has been a top political adviser to Perry for 14 years and continues to counsel him, and Johnson managed his most recent gubernatorial campaign…

Memo to Newt and Bachmann. Check out the references of your hired hands.

Just as I was wondering who is Rollins working for anyway, everyone bails en masse on Newt while he is conveniently out of town, turning him into dead flounder.

Someone had already worked the jewelry angle, which should have been a signal to stay in town. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

As in the case with Bachmann, if you can’t see coming it might be best not to go hunting for big game

A man’s worst enemy is himself, and his ego will always tell him sweet lies

A friend in corporate told me he never wanted to take a vacation because that is when they axed you

Meanwhile if Perry goes into the race, Newt is not only labeled, but there is Giuliani waiting to dilute everyone’s numbers if necessary. Hey, what the Heck, call in Huck. It’s all good

Imagine a world where politics was more than just scheming. I need my book of Reagan quotes, fast

entagor on June 10, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Like most people here, I don’t know much about Perry other than that he is a Conservative guy and his state has an absolutely stellar jobs record even in these tough times.

I also remember he supported mandatory vaccinations for cervical cancer on girls in the 6th grade, even though this vaccine, like all vaccines, can have serious side effects for a certain percentage. The government forcing our children to take something “for their own good” is NOT conservative and shows a troubling sign of his Democrat roots. He did back away after a public outcry, but his initial instinct troubled me.

He seems to be neutral on sanctuary cities and could have provided much needed support for Arizona and their anti-illegal immigration bill but didn’t. A massive border state like Texas backing Arizona would have been huge, Perry was no help. This makes me worry that he is a politician at heart and may be weak on border enforcement. The last thing I want is another Texan in the White House trying to sneak amnesty by and then calls me a racist for opposing it. I will never forgive Bush for that B.S. Then again, Bush never claimed to be a border hawk and we will see how Perry responds to this issue during the campaign.

A Perry candidacy excites me and not only do I feel he can beat Obama with his state’s record on jobs, but I am convinced he will nominate rock solid conservative judges to the Supreme Court which was Bush’s big redeeming quality.

If Perry wins the nomination, should he go with Rubio or West as his V.P.? Bachmann is another possibility or he could completely double up on the jobs message and tap Romney. Or maybe someone with more foreign policy credentials (though West is pretty good on this)?

Daemonocracy on June 10, 2011 at 2:26 PM

For all his populist swashbuckling antics for votes, the global elitist Rick Perry eschews the Tea Party, and behind the scenes, he politically assassinates it’s candidates and legislative bills at every turn in Texas.

Three Strike Gov. Rick Perry broke with the US Constitution to deprive Texans our legal rights on three major occasions.

1. Property Rights denied, confiscating lands for an unsecured massive highway connecting Mexico to Canada through Texas. Salt in the wound, Kickback Perry awarded the construction contract to a corporation from Spain to build his highway from hell using non-citizen labor.

2. Pharmaceutical Kickback Perry issued his Executive Order requiring the dangerous vaccination of all girls for genital warts.

3. Using false testimony to order CPS to forcibly remove ALL non-adults from their homes in his arbitrary punitive action against an entire community, denying familial communications, traumatizing everyone, failing to render hundreds of children emotional security, proper meal preparation, bedding and hygiene while enforcing their isolation “for their own good” in state custody.

maverick muse on June 10, 2011 at 4:04 PM

I am SO hoping for Perry’s announcement!
Let the bamster start more crap with Texas.
Those cowboy boots?
They are great for killing cockroaches in corners!
Y’all have heard the old anti littering campaign
Don’t Mess With Texas!
I just want someone who can whup Obama’s backside and wipe the floor with him before he destroys our country!
The possible Perry run has me feeling a lot less fatalistic than I was, as I contemplated being force fed Mittens, as the only electable one.

MITX on June 11, 2011 at 6:52 PM

Heh, I was writing a post for a 6-12-11 headline on Perry when the headline dropped out

Trying to find Perry’s official stand on amnesty. wikipedia has a lengthy bio but the word ‘amnesty’ is missing

IMHO, when the search engines return dust, the sand has been smoothed over

However searching ‘rick perry position on amnesty’ brings up: Hotair A-Pundit’s thread of 5-25-11, Report: Rick Perry Thinking of Jumping into GOP Race. From this thread

“Perry took heat during this year’s Republican primary for backing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, saying in a debate that the students are on a path to citizenship.”

Oh and…
-Chairman of Texans for Gore in 1988
-Backed Dukakis over Bush in 1988
-Backed Mondale over Reagan in 1984
-Backed Carter over Reagan in 1980

I have a hard time trusting a Republican who came over from the Democratic Party after the Reagan Administration. Could be W 2.0 (not a good thing imho)

Raisedbywolves on May 25, 2011 at 6:08 PM

On the NAFTA superhighway, which is mentioned in wikipedia, Perry gets the credit:

Perry proposed that it be partially financed, partially built and wholly operated by private contractors who, in exchange for a multi-billion dollar investment, would receive all toll proceeds, notably Cintra, a Spanish-owned company, and its minority partner, San Antonio-based Zachry Construction Corporation, one of Texas’ largest road construction companies.[

Interesting history to those who felt they were not consulted before such a unique project was constructed inside our borders

(the article also has a useful post on Ryan:

Of the 242 Republicans in the House, only five have a lower immigration grade from Numbers USA. Ryan has an F on amnesty and F- on reducing foreign workers and ending chain migration.
There goes any support I have had for Ryan up till now.)

Lourdes on May 25, 2011 at 6:08 PM

entagor on June 12, 2011 at 1:22 PM