Afghan mob kills at least 12 UN workers in protest over Terry Jones’s Koran-burning

posted at 4:51 pm on April 1, 2011 by Allahpundit

“Wait,” you say, “since when did Terry Jones burn a Koran?” Turns out he did it 12 days ago after some sort of kangaroo court/mock trial. I didn’t know about it until today; apparently, after being savaged last fall for condemning Jones’s provocation while devoting saturation coverage to it, most of the national media wisely decided to ignore him this time. Most, but not all: Someone must have picked up the story because, by last Thursday, our “friend” Hamid Karzai had formally denounced Jones’s act. Then, a week later, our “friends” in the Pakistani government denounced it too, replete with an open letter to the head of Interpol asking him to arrest Jones for the “violent crime” he supposedly committed. In other words, faced with a choice between pleasing local fundamentalists by publicizing a provocation they were trying to demagogue and alienating the fundies by ignoring it in order to avert a violent backlash, our “allies” decided to cover their own asses by stirring the pot. And let’s face it: Given the consequences these days in AfPak for being seen as soft on blasphemy, that’s a perfectly rational decision. Someone’s going to die; better a UN worker than the presidents of Afghanistan or Pakistan, right?

And yet, and yet, until today, there’d been no major violence anywhere reacting to Jones’s stunt, despite the fact that it happened almost two weeks ago. Even with Karzai and Zardari giving it a PR boost, Egyptians were focused on Mubarak’s crimes; Tunisians were busy with Islamists screeching about women wearing headscarves in state ID photos; Syrians were risking death urging the beady-eyed brute in charge to resign already; and Libyans were battling Qaddafi to see who’d control Ras Lanuf and Misurata for the next few hours before handing it over once again. With no movement on the “insane overreaction to blasphemy” front, Afghan clerics realized it’d take another push to get things going. And since today is mosque day, which guarantees huge crowds, they decided this was the moment to push:

Friday’s incident began when three mullahs, addressing worshippers at Friday prayers inside the Blue Mosque here, one of Afghanistan’s holiest places, urged people to take to the streets to agitate for the arrest of Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who oversaw the burning of a Koran on March 20. Otherwise, said the most prominent of them, Mullah Mohammed Shah Adeli, Afghanistan should cut off relations with the United States. “Burning the Koran is an insult to Islam and those who committed it should be punished,” he said.

The crowd — some carrying signs reading “Down with America” and “Death to Obama” — poured into the streets and swelled — the governor of Balkh Province, Atta Mohammad Noor, later put the number at 20,000…

The mob also burned down part of the United Nations compound, toppled guard towers and heaved blocks of cement down from the walls. The victims were killed by weapons that the demonstrators had wrestled away from the United Nations guards, according to Mr. Noor…

A prominent Afghan cleric, Mullah Qyamudin Kashaf, acting head of the Ulema Council of Afghanistan (and a Karzai appointee), also called for American authorities to arrest and try Mr. Jones for the Koran burning.

The Ulema Council recently met to discuss the Koran burning, he said in a telephone interview. “We expressed our deep concerns about this act and we were expecting the violence that we are witnessing now,” Mullah Kashaf said. “Unless they try him and give him the highest possible punishment, we will witness violence and protests not only in Afghanistan but in the entire world.”

How desperately did they want to see some rage today? CBS quotes a witness who says clerics were driving around the town yesterday with loudspeakers urging people to turn out for a “peaceful protest.” Fast-forward to today and the provincial governor, trying his best to spin this as some sort of organized Taliban or jihadi assault, was left trying to argue that the attack had been carried out by insurgents using the crowd as cover. That doesn’t square with the account quoted above, though, especially the part about an enormous throng overrunning the perimeter and seizing the guards’ guns. Insurgents surely would have brought their own weapons. Up to 20 people may have been killed in the attack at last count; early reports stated that two were beheaded but that’s in dispute at the moment. Ironically none of the victims were Americans, as the Times claims that protesters settled on the UN compound only when they couldn’t find any of ours to tear apart.

And so now we move to the inevitable next phase whenever there’s some cycle of revenge in the Muslim world in response to western speech, a la the Mohammed cartoons. Among the public, lots of second thoughts about staying put in Afghanistan, wondering how you build a nation on a foundation that’s capable of this. Among the administration, lots of angst about how to politically navigate the fallout, with free speech rights, AfPak diplomacy, and the outcome of the “Arab Spring” all in the mix. And for the media, lots of effort to hold Terry Jones morally responsible for the dead UN workers even though the only thing he burned was a book. An exit question for them via the Daily Caller’s Mike Riggs: “What are you willing to stop doing to avoid offending violent religious zealots?”

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Because, you know, you lefties ALWAYS find a way to denigrate all that is good in life. Moreover, you cannot stand to hear another opinion. Wouldn’t fit your Marxist

Of COURSE you didn’t quote the entire bit regarding miConservative, in order to try to poison the well with YOUR narrative. Bahhhhh.

At the end of this night, you are scum, chum.

Opinionator on April 2, 2011 at 3:10 AM

Tell ya what genius….why don’t you read my posts before you jump to your incredibly moronic conclusions.

Wondering if you could actually be more stupid?

So what’s your argument on behalf of Islam and the Grand Left?

Waiting with baited breath.

Again [email protected] – read. I don’t make excuses for radical nutjobs…do you?


Tim_CA on April 2, 2011 at 10:52 AM

I’m not being an apologist. I’m calling Jones a jerk. He’s a kook burger cult leader that has decided to pull a publicity stunt for the sake of it. He’s not doing it clearly put his life in jeopardy to prove a point. The point has been known for years. They’re animals and If I had my way I would do like the Israelis did after the Munich Olympics massacre and hunt every one of those dogs down. But I refuse to aknowledge that this guy has put his life on the line to demonstrate that the violence taught in the Koran is carried out daily by its followers, chosing instead to call him names. I’d never risk my life to poke Islam in the eye though it seeks to blind the world. That’s just dumb. Jones is an attention whore suicidal, not a hero.

mizflame98 on April 1, 2011 at 7:11 PM


shuzilla on April 2, 2011 at 12:09 PM

Sigh, when will the mainstream media ever figure out that the “Religion of Peace” is actually the Religion of Hate?

Theophile on April 2, 2011 at 9:09 PM

If there’s any proof of inferiority of philosophy, this is it. Any other philosophy, faith or religion would take any slight (real or imagined) with (at worst) anger and, (at best,) tolerance. But NO ONE ELSE BUT MUSLIMS WOULD REVERT TO COLD BLOODED MURDER. Liberals have to realize what true swine we are dealing with-and why these pigs should NEVER have nuclear weapons.

MaiDee on April 2, 2011 at 9:27 PM

so a jackass brays in florida, causing monkies to go crazy in whateverstan.


ColdWarrior57 on April 3, 2011 at 2:31 AM

Inciting madmen to murder innocents is not a noble act.

Immolate on April 2, 2011 at 12:21 AM

If this was a culture and community (Islam) that had any “moderates” that everyone keeps telling us exist and we must prostrate ourselves toward the end of appeasing, then these “madmen” (read, everyday muslims) would not feel it is perfectcly acceptable to run out and start killing people becasue their feelings were hurt by an act of a stranger more than 5,000 miles away. the idea that we must “be careful” what we say or do b/c it may “incite” a barbarian to act barbaric is idiotic at best and harmful to our very survival at worst.

When is the West going to wake up and realize that we are not dealing with a sane, adult, rational culture? We are dealing with barbarism. Any alleged moderates are the outliers of this “culture” and are very few in number in relation to the vast majority of muslims and have no power or control. And, we are not going to somehow make the alleged “moderates” powerful in islam by prostrating ourselves to islam to show them how tolerant we are. All that will do is encourage and strenthen the mainstream (read radical) muslim world by demonstrating our weakness.

the west is living under an illusion that the muslim world thinks like we do, wants the same things we want, values the same things we value. They don’t, and we cannot make them through acting nice.

The only thing “putting our troops in danger” (aside from the actual mission) is our stupid insistence on using the LEAST amount of force possible, not targeting “civilians”, not fighting to win. By using silly rules of engagement, but having stupid goals, but tying one arm behind our backs, these are the things that put soliders’ lives at much more risk than is necessary. All of the things we do to be “PC” at war and appease the alleged “moderate” muslims and world opinion – those are the things that cause U.S. deaths – NOT the exercise of free speech.

If these barbarians believed that the U.S. would retaliate with proper brutality and force, they would not have engaged in killing the U.N. workers over the koran burning. Because they know we will do nothing but try to appease them, they will act out like the children they are.

What is the muslim world but a 2 year old? The muslim world ha the intelligence and maturity level of a 2-year old. I have no respect for islam and don’t believe in the much ballyhooed but never seen moderat muslim center. Sure, there are a few good and decent people who are muslims. But, again, they are a small minority and they have no power in the islam world. And, those individuals are good and decent despite islam, not because of it. I’m sure there were some really great guys in the upper reaches of the Soviet Politburo or who were members of the NAZI party. That such people exist is not an argument that islam is not a barbaric death cult that should be opposed like the ideology that it is.

Monkeytoe on April 4, 2011 at 8:33 AM