Via the ‘Busters, here’s the first and last time that a Krauthammer critique of the left will end up irritating more conservatives than liberals. His basic point is unobjectionable — every movement is bigger than its most charismatic champions, as the endless number of lefties who are disappointed in Obama could tell you — but his obvious exasperation with Palin’s present status as de facto conservative spokesman-in-chief has commenters in Headlines buzzing. Kraut famously said in July 2009 that she wasn’t a serious candidate for president, which means there’s already a strike against him in the minds of those who are forever grumbling about “Beltway establishment” Republicans like Rove. This, er, won’t help matters. And let’s face it: While no one would claim that conservatism begins and ends with Palin, some of her more devoted supporters do seem to regard her as an avatar of the movement. In which case, what better way to promote it than to have lots and lots of coverage of her? So long as it’s fair/flattering, it’s practically impossible for there to be too much, right?

Exit question: Colbert King’s trying to bait Krauthammer here, right? I think he is.