Have you ever bought a product after seeing an infomercial where that product looks so amazingly impressive that you simply must have it?  It’s OK, you can admit it– that desire to buy something you see in an infomercial happens to all of us at some point in our life.  Whether it is a beauty product, juicer, set of knives, a unique multi-faceted tool, or a cleaning product; sometimes the effusive salespeople and infomercial advertisers make the product look so completely indispensable that you simply know you cannot pass it up.  So, as you pick up the phone, you know buying the product will enhance your life and you are certain will be delighted by the results.

The excitement of the purchase continues as you await the package landing on your doorstep.  You open it up.  Use the product.  And that, is when the disappointment sets in.  The product either doesn’t work or it doesn’t work the way it did on TV.  The excitement turns to disappointment and then despair as you realize: you were hoodwinked. And, then you get mad.

This is a natural feeling when you feel that you were sold something that turned out to not be what you thought it would be. That is where many of the Obama voters are at today and why Democrat politicians across this great nation are fearful of taking the brunt of the anger over the product that people were sold and did not like.  Democrats on the ballot are fearful that it is they, not Obama, who will be dealing with returns on the product that they partnered with President Obama to sell to Americans.

The citizens of this country are sending back Obamanomics and Obamacare to the people who sold it. They want a refund and they want it now.

When many new voters voted in the 2008 Presidential election, they were not necessarily voting for a  specific set of policies, but were voting for a man whom they viewed as both inspirational and someone they could believe in.  He was new and unique.   They bought into the marketing slogan of hope and change.  What they did not know, is that they were effectively voting for an untested product that looked good and sounded good, but was simply too good to be true.

Now in full disclosure, I wasn’t one of those people who voted for Barack Obama and wasn’t someone who bought into his well-funded marketing campaign.  But, even those of us who opposed him have to admit that Obama branded himself and marketed his plans and himself brilliantly. Less than two years into his Presidency, however, that brilliance has vanished and President Obama is continually having trouble communicating and marketing the rationale for his actions.  But, contrary to what the President himself seems to think, the problem isn’t the marketing of his ideas or the fact that We, the People are not smart enough to understand the directions he gave us;  the real problem is that the product his administration and his liberal allies have sold and continue trying to sell simply does not work and the people don’t want it.

Whether you are a Republican who opposed him or a Democrat who supported him, for many people the reality of what Obama sold did not prove to be true. His positive and hopeful nature has turned dour, lacking a sense of humor, deficient of humility, and scolding in tone. The once celebrated orator, President Obama is having trouble having a conversation with the people of this country without scolding them or blaming someone else for the challenges we are facing.

He has not made government more transparent or changed the tone in Washington like he promised. He has not stabilized the economy or kept unemployment low which is how he presented and sold his economic stimulus plans.  He has not held the middle class harmless from tax increases.  He has not jumpstarted our economic recovery with his disastrous economic policies that continue to increase uncertainty and harm both recovery and growth.  And, on top of all that, he has added a unconscionable debt burden to our country and it’s children which puts our economic and national security at risk.
President Obama has clearly not lived up to the high standard that his campaign set for themselves.  And, the people are calling him on that  and are giving him feedback  in a very clear and present way through their echoes of frustration.  The people want to return what many of them bought into and are doing so with their voices and their votes.

In 2008 we had a political season ignited by a candidate with a suberbly marketed infomercial campaign selling us something “As Seen On TV” which we were told over and over we must have if we want a good future.  They suggested that if the American people bought into what candidate Obama was selling, we would be better off.  They suggested that he would be different. They said that he would make all our lives better, easier, and more secure.

In 2010 we have a political season in which many American’s who bought what the Obama sold as a candidate, have realized that the product did not live up to their expectations.  What President Obama does not seem to realize is that the people kept their receipt and they now want a refund.

The people want their change back, they want their money back, and they want their country back, too.  That is the message voters are sending in November.

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