Via CNS News, a bon mot from yesterday’s backyard pain-feeling extravaganza in New Mexico. I think all he means here when he says there is no “us and them” is that we don’t want U.S. citizens racially profiled or wrongly detained under Arizona’s law because they’re Latino, which is true enough. (Never mind the fact that the statute explicitly prohibits cops from profiling.) Is that what he’s saying? Or are illegals who violated U.S. law to get here officially now part of the great American “we”? Maybe that can be Meg Whitman’s defense when Jerry Brown brings up her former maid at the next debate. There is no “legal” and “illegal,” Moonbeam. There’s just … us.

The best part here, though, is the Great Uniter deploring the politics of division after 20 months of prominent liberals framing the tea-party movement as some sort of second coming of the Klan. Why, as recently as yesterday, the White House lauded the valuable contribution to the national discourse made by Keith “Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda” Olbermann. Although in fairness, maybe all that’s starting to change: Of late, The One’s been annoying conservatives and liberals in almost equal measure. See? He’s bringing America together after all.