Can’t blame them for being conflicted. After watching the White House try to bribe Joe Sestak and then Andrew Romanoff in apparent violation of federal laws, I’ve long since given up on figuring out what sort of corruption is illegal and what isn’t.

Looks like they’re not hung on all 24 counts, just a few.

The judge in the trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced that the jury is deadlocked on some counts in the case.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel, reading from a note from jurors, said they had made “a reasonable attempt” after deliberating 11 days and had done so “without rancor.”

The jury indicated it wanted to know what happens if it cannot agree on a unanimous decision on every count. The panel had matched up specific acts in the case to individual counts and was unclear on what to do next, the note said.

They’ve been deliberating for 11 days, so it’s not like they haven’t tried. The obvious question: What happens if they find him guilty on some of the lesser charges and hang on the bigger ones? Will the feds retry him or let it go and take what they can get sentencing-wise on the smaller counts? I’m thinking … they have to retry him, no? He’s a national poster boy for shady politics at this point. If they let him walk away, they’re practically blessing corruption in the court of public opinion.

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