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The teachers’ unions got their $10 billion bailout through the U.S. Senate and the House will likely follow suit when it reconvenes. Both of Maine’s Republican Senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, crossed the aisle to put the measure over the top. Here are a few more news stories about what has been going on in the states while this amendment worked its way through Congress:

* “…Fort Wayne Community Schools has hired back 148 of the 284 teachers the district laid off in early May…”

* “When the Hesperia Unified school board rescinded the already-announced teacher layoffs at a board meeting in May, teachers in the audience cheered…. The decision to rescind 77 previously announced layoffs made things ‘significantly more difficult’ when it came time to find other ways to close an $8.4 million budget gap.”

* “Thursday’s announcement that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will restore 141 teaching jobs in August brings mixed news for the hundreds who got pink slips earlier this summer. Superintendent Peter Gorman said the callbacks are based on a state budget that wasn’t as bad as CMS anticipated, and up to 120 more jobs could be restored when the county finishes its budget decisions.”

* “Thursday evening, members of the Cleveland Teachers Union unanimously approved a three-year deal. The new contract features more than $17 million in concessions. It will also allow the District to recall many of the 545 teachers, who were laid off in April.”

* “The Broward School Board unanimously approved a decision to use $33.4 million to rehire 465 teachers who were laid off due to the $130 million budget shortfall the district is facing.”

* “Employees of the St. John the Baptist Parish School System can breathe a little easier now that the local teachers’ union and district administration have reached an agreement that will erase the budget deficit and simultaneously eliminate the need for layoffs.”

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