I know, I know, not even the left takes this blowhole seriously. But indulge me a bit of schadenfreude after having listened to liberals for months during the ObamaCare battle warn that the base would stay home for the midterms if Democrats didn’t pass health-care reform. So they passed it — and now this tool wants to stay home anyway because Reid hasn’t brokered a deal to extend unemployment benefits. You’re a hundred percent right, Ed: After ramming through a vastly unpopular stimulus and then a vastly unpopular health-care bill on top of it — knowing full well that doing so would mean a hellacious beating in November — they haven’t done nearly enough for the left yet. They must be taught a lesson. Lead the people, Ed.

Speaking of the midterms, good news and bad news. The good: Republicans have bounced back on Gallup’s generic ballot to lead 48/43, proving that my latest poll-induced freakout was much ado about nothing. The bad: It’s time for another poll-induced freakout thanks to this PPP survey showing Democrats having gained ground since last month in eight different Senate races. Since the GOP needs to win basically every competitive race in order to recapture the chamber, safe to assume now that it’s the House or bust in the fall? Click the image to listen.