Fresh evidence emerges this week of Bush Junior’s dastardly dead-hand sabotage. Missouri Senate candidate Robin Carnahan has had to slash ticket prices for a Kansas City fund-raiser featuring President Obama. According to this report, $250 tickets have been reduced to $99, and cheap-seat $35 passes are being offered now for half off.

Now, Missouri voters, according to the most recent Rasmussen poll, actually register slightly more approval of Obama than the nationwide average, with 47% liking the job he’s doing (versus 45% nationally).  So it can’t be that folks in the Show-Me State don’t want to see the post-racial president.

Missouri’s unemployment, at 8.8%, is lower than the national average, and Kansas City’s is even lower, clocked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May at 8.3%.  So it can’t be that Missourians don’t have the money to afford $35 tickets.  There are undoubtedly plenty of them who could spring for the $250 seats.

Granted, the long-threatened Medicare reimbursement cuts have gone into effect on Obama’s watch, jeopardizing the access of many Missouri seniors to health care.  But with Obamacare passed, and nothing worse than the promised $400-600 billion additional cuts to Medicare in the program’s first 10 years to look forward to, those same seniors can take comfort from the savings that are sure to come with Obamacare; savings that took only a “moderate and unsurprising dip” in the first CBO projection following the bill’s dramatic passage.

I mean, there’s some play in the perception gap with the senior population in particular, since they basically have nothing to look forward to but less health care availability, from now until they collide fatally with whatever key life-saving procedure that’s being withheld to keep costs down finally consigns them to a pain-medicated demise.  But come on, at least they’ll have the pain meds.  It can’t be that they don’t want to fork over $35 to see Obama merely because of these trifling annoyances.

There are so many things it can’t be:  Obama on illegal immigration, Obama on the oil spill, Obama on the Constitution, Obama on private industry takeovers, Obama on Islamism and Israel, the Obama campaign against our best allies, the Obama Reset-and-Suck-Up Policy with our most cynical opponents, the Obama soak-the-taxpayer, every-shade-of-Green-but-honest-profit pork-barrel spending extravaganza.

The lurking fact that income taxes are going up in 2011 and no one’s doing anything about it – it can’t be that.  The certainty of that financial “hit” on household budgets can’t possibly have anything to do with why Missourians aren’t flocking to spend $250 on tickets to an Obama event.

No, nothing that Obama has done has the slightest explanatory power when it comes to why people in Missouri aren’t anxious to buy seats for his appearance at the Carnahan fund-raiser.  The sorry truth must be that the most influential president in history – indeed, the national leader of any kind with history’s most colossally enduring legacy – is still planting political IEDs everywhere Obama goes, with his failed policies and his really, really failed policies and his did-we-mention-the-failed-policies yet, because those were some failed honking policies.

And we all know that that president, that towering evil bestriding the narrow presidency of Barack Obama like a 20-story brass bull looming over a horrific scene of human sacrifice, is … George W. Bush.

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