So let me be sure I have this right.

Country A wants to send goods to Country C.  Country C does not get along with Country B, and Country A wants to go through Country B to get the goods to Country C.  Country B says “sure, as long as we can check to make sure they aren’t the kind of things Country C uses to attack us.”  Country A says “no, we just have nice stuff, and we’re taking it to C.  No need for us to interact.  OK?”  “Um, no, we have the right to be sure that anything going to C can’t be used to send explosives towards our citizens.”  Country A sends ships anyway.  Country B says it wants to look at the stuff on the ships and sends some of its military to inspect.  Many of the military do not carry guns.  As B’s guys try to get on Country A’s ship, the people on the ship start beating them with sticks, chains and what-have-you.  A melee breaks out and some people die.

Who has to apologize to who?  Leave it to Turkey, oops, I mean Country A, to decide they don’t.

ANKARA (Hurriyet)–Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had harsh words for his Israeli counterpart Tuesday, the latest salvo in the quarrel over the flotilla crisis that has brought the one-time allies to the brink of cutting ties, the Turkish Hurriyet Daily reported.

“What [Avigdor] Lieberman says has no value for us,” Davutoglu said in televised remarks Tuesday, referring to the Israeli foreign minister’s call for Turkey to apologize. The Turkish foreign minister harshly criticized Lieberman and said he did not view his Israeli counterpart as a proper go-between “owing to his rhetoric and attitude.”

In an interview with Hurriyet on Sunday, Davutoglu said relations with Israel “would be cut off if Israel does not apologize and compensate the victims of the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara ship.”

But on Tuesday he said he “was compelled to make that statement because it was said that our demands would not be met while that turmoil was happening in Israel.”

The whole world seems to have gone mad.  Lieberman is the guy with the bad attitude? As Claire Berlinski observed a few weeks ago, this is an attempt to build a public relations campaign. How is it the West doesn’t see right through this?

I find it ironic that Turks demand compensation for a disputed peace flotilla but still deny Armenians recognition of the genocide and any compensation for its victims.  A friend of mine who read this before I posted it thought we should change Turkey’s name to Gall. But that’s never been the issue. Gall only works when we’re gullible.

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