Daniel Hannan: I admit it — I was wrong to have supported Obama

posted at 10:18 pm on June 14, 2010 by Allahpundit

And so, a little more than 18 months after Election Day, the American right’s favorite British conservative finally sees the light. This is the flip side of Joan Walsh’s piece today in Salon lamenting the fact that The One hasn’t been the socialist warrior she dreamed of. As Walsh acknowledges, Obama won by convincing lefties that he’d be a super-lefty and everyone else that he’d be anything but. Hannan, like David Brooks, is a member of the latter group, someone who assumed that The One’s pragmatist instincts (heh) would resist statist drift. Eighteen months later, with a new federal health-care entitlement added to our $130 trillion (no typo) national debt, here we are.

The most interesting thing about Hannan’s piece? He’s known for being a rock-ribbed fiscal conservative, but not until he starts hammering Obama on foreign policy does he really start to bite.

His fondness for the EU is matched by his disdain for the United Kingdom. It’s not the diplomatic snubs that bother me: the dissing of Gordon Brown, the insulting gifts, the sending back of Winston Churchill’s bust. It’s not even the faux-anger towards the company he insists on calling “British” Petroleum. (No such firm has existed since the merger of BP and Amoco nine years ago. Thirty-nine per cent of BP shares are American-owned, and 40 per cent British-owned. The stricken rig in the Gulf is owned by Transocean, and the drilling was carried out by Halliburton, yet Obama isn’t demanding compensation from either of these American corporations.)

All these things are minor irritants compared to the way the Obama administration is backing Peronist Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands – or, as Obama’s people call them, “the Malvinas”. British troops were the only sizeable contingent to support the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have fought alongside America in most of the conflicts of the past hundred years. Yet, when the chips are down, Obama lines up with Hugo Chávez and Daniel Ortega against us.

Not that we should feel singled out. The Obama administration has scorned America’s other established friends. It has betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic, whose Atlanticist governments had agreed to accept the American missile defence system at immense political cost, only to find the project cancelled. It has alienated Israel and India. It has even managed to fall out with Canada over its “Buy American” rules and its decision to drill in disputed Arctic waters. Never has there been a worse time to be a US ally.

He’s in the confessional here, so go read the whole thing and grant him absolution. Exit quotation: “Not that Obama is without his good points, obviously. His commitment to school choice is unfeigned.” Huh?

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Enlightenment,rude awakening,salvation come late is better than protracted stupid. Help these sad people,guide them to vote more wisely,and keep them in our camp on a very SHORT LEASH.
Col.John Wm. Reed on June 15, 2010 at 8:22 AM

+10 Col.
Now is not the time for “I told you so”, it’s the time to build support for 2010/12

JusDreamin on June 15, 2010 at 1:01 PM

It was awful.

It still is awful.

keebs on June 15, 2010 at 12:01 AM

Even worse than I imagined it would be. I still have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Jvette on June 15, 2010 at 1:23 PM

Who cares what Hannan or Tebbit think.

lexhamfox on June 15, 2010 at 2:36 PM

If he supported Obama he could not have been too bright.

Hilts on June 15, 2010 at 3:44 PM

“Not that Obama is without his good points, obviously. His commitment to school choice is unfeigned.”

Not so fast. Education is top of any socalist agenda as it is where the indoctrination takes place to insure that the future citizens think the right way. Just ask Germany why home schooling is such a social danger that it must be banned.

Public schools are the tool of choice and as a teacher I can say that they have been for more than the last 20 years the instrument of social change. I fought hard to insure that my daughter was not subjected to my own school districts socialist New Age modeling programs in her elementary school and even then I know they did their best to ignore me.

Private schools are in the crosshairs of socialist since they are not controled as yet by the government. The school have independence for the most part from government. The administrators and teachers are responsible to the parents and the teachers have more control over what they are teaching. Parents are paying so they have a greater interest and involvement in the school. That is why they as successful and public schools are failing.

The socialist see an opprotunity to change it with vouchers. Vouchers allow a public school student to attend a better school as if it were a public school. Some will benifit from that opprotunity others will damage it. The problem with vouchers is that it comes with goverment strings attached that allows and will allow increasing government control over private schools. When enough vouchers students make up the student body, the advantages of the private schools fade away and it becomes a federal school within a state with taxpayer funding. Chances are that the school will eventually be no better than the school the students came from as the former paying families flee to better schools.
If anyone looks at the public controlled Magnet Schools or simuliarly disignated schools, you see that they usually start out well with high standards and in a few years as students that got into trouble in the public schools get into them, they become problem schools in need of academic help.

The other problem Obama sees so much interest in is merit pay. Obviously he sees it as problem solver for democratic controlled failing inner city schools. As a teacher I see the reality of administrative short sightedness that exist in public schools.
Merit pay is suppose to reward those teachers who demonstrate excellent teaching. What those outside of teaching do not know is that teaching is highly politicalized. Its who you know, your social and ethic status, how well they like you, and if you fit into their agenda which can be political, personal, or favortism that will determine if you get it or not.

At the elementary and middle school levels those that teach general classes and have the approval of the principal will get it. Not so likely for those that don’t and less so since that is were the worst students will end up.

At the high school level those who will always get it will be those who often have poor or disinterested teaching skills; the sports coaches. Those who will also get it will be those favored by the administrator for numrous reasons. Those most likely to get it will be academic teachers who are popular. Those less likely to get it will be non academic teachers and older teachers who can be replaced by new teachers who cost less, and not likley at all without a direct order to do so would be special education teachers who often suffer the stigma of being seen as not real teachers even when they hold higher post graduate degrees, and those teachers who demonstrate more knowledge or competence than the administrator.

Franklyn on June 15, 2010 at 7:46 PM

And this is the same thing as Hannan. Oh if only I had known that Obama was a Marxist. Well shit Dan, 5 minutes on Google is all you needed to find out Obama was exactly who he turned out to be. And the same with the taxes for ObamaCare.

angryed on June 15, 2010 at 7:19 AM

And that is the worst part of it all. NO EXCUSES for being stupid. During my trip to Rocky Point, Mexico this past weekend the Demo’s in the group were remarkably soft spoken aout The Won when politics came up. Best part of the weekend, I asked them if they had gotten their unicorns yet or were they just suckers? The embarassed sheepish I got fooled look said it all. Sometimes you just have to slap a friend in the face. I should have offered them a Rush bumper sticker!

VikingGoneWild on June 15, 2010 at 9:06 PM

He’s in the confessional here, so go read the whole thing and grant him absolution.

Perhaps… However, as with many sins ignorance, we can expect many lapses and much backsliding. Perhaps not on Obama per se, but in general. And the smarter they are ‘supposed’ to be the more actual work they need to do to obtain absolution; it’s not free to the ‘should ‘a known better’ crowd (as it might be to the ‘Obama’s gonna pay my rent’ lady).

First do three charitable works, then give up for one year.. something you do for fun… then make amends by fixing the problem you encouraged… As is, you helped make the mess, now actively help clean it up…

RalphyBoy on June 15, 2010 at 9:37 PM