Comedy gold: Gibbs tries to explain why an executive order on abortion was necessary, or not

posted at 8:15 pm on March 24, 2010 by Allahpundit

As close as we’ll ever get to a “Who’s on First?” routine at the daily briefing, except instead of “third base!”, the punchline here is that Stupak’s a chump and the order achieved nothing. You’ll be pleased to know that The One was so terrified of further antagonizing his pro-choice base that not only weren’t cameras allowed in today’s very quiet signing ceremony, no reporters were allowed in either. A vignette from the most transparent administration ever:

“The president is signing an executive order on abortion that is a pretty big national issue,” a reporter asked. “Why would that be closed press, no pictures?”

“We’ll put out a picture from Pete [Souza],” Gibbs said.

“But what about a picture from the actual national media, not from — ” the reporter started to follow up.

“On, the picture from Pete will be for the actual event,” Gibbs answered.

“Right, but what about allowing us in, for openness and transparency?”

“We’ll have a nice picture from Pete that will demonstrate that type of transparency.”

“Not the same, Robert,” the reporter said. “Never has been.”

And so it came to be that a phony deal was culminated with a phony media presence. Follow the link to see the official White House photo, with Stupak preserved for posterity glancing lovingly over The One’s shoulder as he signed a meaningless order. Somehow, it’s the perfect ending to this fiasco.

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I’m pretty sure that pic has been photoshopped, but what is with all the goofy grins on their faces? I swear, I don’t think these guys are human. I’m really starting to think they have a secret ship someplace under the ocean or a ladder to hell they creep down every night. Each one of them standing there knows it is a huge lie Oboobma is signing. Yet, they act so smug like the real people won’t figure it out. These ppl are really starting to piss me off.

nwpammy on March 25, 2010 at 11:46 AM