Via HuffPo, looks like that DSCC memo about making this an issue in the midterms is already paying off. You’re a good soldier, Chris Matthews!

This isn’t going to be a huge issue between him and McCain — there are plenty of other things Maverick can attack him over — but now that Hayworth’s taken the bait, only the very dumbest left-leaning reporter or debate moderator would fail to press the two of them on this subject. Which means more ink for a fringe issue that’s not going anywhere (Obama would be nuts to produce the certificate at this point given the political mileage he gets from it) and plenty of opportunities for the media to convince centrists that the “teabagger” movement is, in its entirety, all about paranoia over Obama being a foreigner. Why Obama’s official state certification of live birth isn’t good enough continues to elude me, but so it goes. I hereby denounce myself for being a RINO. Exit question: FreedomWorks isn’t targeting McCain in the primary? Hmmmm.

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