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posted at 9:30 pm on January 3, 2010 by Allahpundit

“The parallels between the 1990s and today should offer only so much comfort for the Republicans, Barbour says, particularly on the presidential level. The year 2012 won’t be an easy one for the GOP. After all, ‘the predisposition of voters’ is to reelect a president. At the same time, he cautions those who foresee a great, long liberal era to recall recent history. ‘After 1992 the press wrote, ‘The Republicans are dead; there’s going to be a long Democrat era.’ And after 2004 they wrote, ‘They’re going to have a long Republican era.’?’…

“One key element of Barbour’s recipe for revival: expanding the Republican Party by reaching out to moderates. In the ’90s, he backed moderate candidates in the Northeast and Midwest and helped to elect moderate governors like California’s Pete Wilson, New Jersey’s Christie Whitman, and Massachusetts’s Bill Weld. He thinks the party ought to be doing the same thing today: ‘People are crazy if they think we win by getting more pure. We win by getting big.’

“The National Republican Congressional Committee, the key cog in helping to finance GOP campaigns, has banked less than a third as much money as its Democratic counterpart and is ending the year with barely enough money to fully finance a single House race — no less the dozens that will be in play come 2010…

“Republicans are already expressing concerns that they may not have enough resources to fully take advantage of the political climate, which is shaping to be the most favorable for the GOP since the last time they took control of the House in 1994…

“The NRCC was also hurt financially during last month’s special election in upstate New York. in which the committee endorsed and spent money on a moderate nominee, Dede Scozzafava, who quickly drew the ire of the conservative grass-roots.

“The committee spent nearly $1 million on the race, but more worrisome, lost support from many of the small-donor conservatives who have traditionally been a significant element of the committee’s fundraising efforts.”

“‘A whole new cultural paradigm to the political process.’ That must be what’s gotten armchair activists like ourselves — who’d never done anything much political but gripe and moan on the blog and maybe write a few letters to the editor — to get up out of that armchair last March and April, Tea Party signs in hand, to tell the powers that be that we are “as mad as hell and aren’t going to take this any more.’…

“Could anything be cooler than disintermediating a bunch of old fuddy-duddies via the Internet?”

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