TEMS: Duane Patterson and the Defending the American Dream Summit!

posted at 1:00 pm on October 2, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), I’ll be broadcasting live from the Defending the American Dream Summit, hosted by Americans for Prosperity Foundation in Washington DC! We’ll take a look at the past week with Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt Show. I’m celebrating my six-year blogiversary with good friends, like Duane, Mary Katharine Ham, Kerry Picket, and others that will appear on the show today. Duane and I will also talk about the big stories of the week. All of this and more — and stay tuned for a preview of tonight’s Hugh Hewitt Show.

Now you can join the conversation in the chat room! Be sure to register at Ustream to participate in our raucous live-chat sessions. (And if the log-in prompt doesn’t come up in the chat box below, use this link instead.) Jazz Shaw of The Moderate Voice and The Monster moderate the chat, and we have Troll Gun Trivia Contest running before the show, for those who get there early — and are registered!

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Or at least Ed HOPES to have the show. We’re having serious connectivity issues on Bloggers’ Row.

steveegg on October 2, 2009 at 1:19 PM


Not directly but through his appointee on education, Kevin Jennings. Who thought it was okay for a 15 year old gay kid to have sex with adult strangers he met at the bus station (provided he used condoms, which apparently the kid did not). Who happens to have ties to Harry Hays, an old gay Wobby (that group that tried to spread communism in the American West and trade unions after WWI) and Bill “Just a guy from the neighborhood…” Ayers.

Blame it on Rio.

Mr. Joe on October 2, 2009 at 1:59 PM