Video: Guy who won’t listen to answers grills woman who won’t listen to questions

posted at 7:38 pm on August 13, 2009 by Allahpundit

It’s painfully awkward and it’s blue on blue, which means it’s fun for the whole conservative family. The subject here is Jackson-Lee’s rudeness when she decided to take a cell phone break at that town hall while, er, someone was asking her a question. “Why were you so rude?” isn’t a question that should take three and a half minutes to answer, but then “I was asking for information” isn’t an answer that should warrant another three and a half minutes of questions. Frankly, after watching SJL filibuster this way, I’m thinking maybe she did her constituents a favor when she tuned out to take that call.

Even better than a town hall where the congressman isn’t listening? A town hall where the congressman is represented by an empty chair!

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