Geraghty’s back-of-the-envelope math shows the final vote shaping up to be 66-32, well below what I predicted. The GOP can’t muster 10 votes for a woman who spent five years as a federal district judge, 11 more as an appellate judge, and had one truly controversial ruling to her credit during that time? I can’t imagine what the litmus test will be if they take back the Senate before Obama leaves office and have to approve any future nominees. Take it away, Toomey:

If I were a U.S. senator, I would vote for her confirmation, because objective qualifications should matter more than ideology in the judicial confirmation process…

Like many people, I was troubled by Sotomayor’s decision in the Ricci case and her now infamous statement about a “wise Latina.” I wondered whether they revealed a permanent bias and whether she is capable of approaching all cases impartially.

I found reassurance in her long judicial record, which shows no pattern of systematic bias. Of 96 race-related cases on which Sotomayor issued a decision, she found discrimination in only 10, and nine of those decisions were unanimous. Despite some objectionable comments in speeches, when it comes to deciding cases, Sotomayor’s record overwhelmingly shows impartiality on racial issues…

In the federal system, judicial ideology is dealt with when we elect a president. When a president of one party is elected, the proper role of the opposing party is not to go on politically charged ideological campaigns against judicial nominees. It should be limited to determining whether a nominee is well-qualified and within the legal mainstream

We Republicans have long said that the role of the Senate with respect to judges is to provide “advice and consent,” not to thoughtlessly veto based on ideology. Our principles have to apply whether we are in the majority or the minority.

I agree, but mindful of the fact that it’s now un-conservative per se to support anything that helps The One (“Conservative Correctness,” as Ace calls it), I know Toomey’s going to eat loads of “RINO!” crap for having written this. So let’s poll it. I’m curious: Does he get a pass on this in the name of wooing independents and centrist Dems in next year’s Senate race? Specter’s going to paint him as the hardest of hard-right extremists so any “moderate” credibility Toomey can purchase on the cheap is worth purchasing.