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posted at 8:05 am on July 15, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

You know the guy you used to hate in high school — the guy who always yanked back his hand after offering it for a handshake and yelled, “Psyche?” Imagine going to a country stocked with nothing but that guy’s brothers, and you may imagine what it was like during this reception for Barack Obama in Russia. Obama seems a bit nonplussed when the entire room sucks up to Dmitry Medvedev and ignores the American President:

It looks like we have another protocol breakdown here. Did anyone brief Obama on how the reception line would be handled? And I wonder why the American media didn’t report on what really is insulting treatment towards our head of state … okay, I know, I don’t really wonder about it at all.

I originally got this from Gateway Pundit, and got a number of e-mails about this afterwards.

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The reason Obama grabs someones shoulder is an old business salesman physiological gimmick; it is used to force an instant intimate relationship. These guys see Obama as a fool. Remember these guys lived though Communism. They have already embraced capitalism. What Obama is, they have been there done that and it failed. The reason they have cut back on Democracy is that like China and now USA, the people need to be educated and brought up to a level to appreciate freedom of markets. People looking for free hand outs will vote for communist every time. If this was during the cold war he you would see them stumbling over each other to shake his hand. The other point is he never pays attention to diplomatic protocol. His wife touches the Queen, they give stupid gifts, on and on. Who in the hell is advising him on these matters. It’s funny and shows how insentificant they feel he is. They know he is going to fail so why suck up to him. Good news for US.

Ed Laskie on July 15, 2009 at 8:16 PM