Turns out he’s an inexperienced statist liberal. Oh, and evidently the media’s in the tank for him. Who knew?

Admittedly, I was one of the moderate conservatives who was wooed by Obama during his PR campaign to become the country’s next president. Sadly, even though I was still unsure of my vote until the week before the election, I know better now. I truly had no idea he would turn out to be the radical tax and spend liberal he’s revealed. Since the beginning of his presidency, Obama seems more interested in making policies and decisions that grab headlines than those in the best interests of the country. The announcement of his whopping $3 trillion budget, trailing the $800 billion bank bailout, was shocking and yet the media seemed to rally around him. The president wants to do everything at one time, national healthcare, economy, taxes (wealth redistribution), clean energy, infrastructure, education and more. He acts very king-like, expecting Congress to endorse everything he floats their way, but his high octane PR strategy–loaded with smiles and good oratory may be fading…

These recent events, the planned closing of Gitmo and “CIA-gate”, have made the president look very inexperienced and unpolished in his ability to lead the nation and only widened the partisan bickering in Washington. Oh, yeah and Speaker Pelosi’s memory lapse over when and what she knew about waterboarding looks sloppy, as if she’s trying to hide the truth. It doesn’t help the president and certainly doesn’t look like change we can believe in or need.

“A smile and eloquent speech won’t make it all right,” she concludes. Why not? It was good enough to win the presidency. Enjoy this, though, because if you think Buckley, Noonan, Parker or any other “conservative” who was soft on The One during the campaign is going to feed their ego a shinola sandwich over it in print the way this woman has, you’re kidding yourselves. In fact, Buckley’s already written a defense of his vote, the basic logic of which was that Obama’s a disaster but still one cool cat. Sigh.

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