How big? Glenn Beck’s audience at 5 p.m. was bigger than the combined audiences for Olbermann’s and Maddow’s primetime “teabagging” jamboree. And he was still only the fourth-biggest show on FNC yesterday.

Note that the 11 p.m. rerun of O’Reilly topped Olby’s show by more than half a million viewers.

Follow the link for an equally brutal breakout in the 25-54 demo. One might suggest there’s a lesson in this for certain parties, but that lesson surely will go unlearned: Does anyone think CNN or MSNBC would betray The Cause and tack right even if it was guaranteed to bring them bigger numbers? Why, poor Susan Roesgen would have to quit. On principle.

Via Johnny Dollar, here’s the Red Eye gang paying a very Red Eye-ish tribute to Fox’s competitors on last night’s show. How long before they’re beating Olby at 3 a.m.?

Update: An even more amazing stat from the table above: The only hour in which Fox didn’t beat all three other networks combined was 7 p.m., and even then it barely missed.

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