Vermont legislature overrides governor’s veto, legalizes gay marriage

posted at 4:30 pm on April 7, 2009 by Allahpundit

The first state to do so the old-fashioned way, i.e. legislatively, instead of by court ruling. It was close in the house but they got it done:

The Legislature voted Tuesday to override Gov. Jim Douglas’ veto of a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry. The vote was 23-5 to override in the state Senate and 100-49 to override in the House. Under Vermont law, two-thirds of each chamber had to vote for override.

The vote came nine years after Vermont adopted its first-in-the-nation civil unions law.

It’s now the fourth state to permit same-sex marriage. Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa are the others…

Craig Bensen, a gay marriage opponent who had lobbied unsuccessfully for a nonbinding referendum on the question, said he was disappointed but believed gay marriage opponents were outspent by supporters by a 20-1 margin.

Normally this is where I’d gauge whether a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision is feasible or not, but since Vermont’s gone off-script I’m without an angle here. No reaction yet from prominent social cons either, although Huckabee, Romney, and Palin are all on record as supporting a Federal Marriage Amendment so it’s safe to assume they want this overturned even without the dastardly handiwork of “activist judges.” In lieu of further comment, let’s take the temperature of the Hot Air faithful with a poll. You’ve got three choices — the social con option, the federalist option, and the libertarian option. I’m curious to see how it’ll shake out. Why, even Rick Warren’s backing away from this fight.

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@Christian Conservative if following the bible is so important why don’t you go set up a theocracy some where?
Zekecorlain on April 8, 2009 at 4:13 PM

Yeah I want to set up a theocracy like our Founders wanted a theocracy! Who is trying to change our country the Christians or the gay activists? Our country and its traditional values have been under attack since the mid-20th century. And mostly it has to be accomplished through unelected judges, because the American People do not support these attacks in spite of the libs owning public education. But it seems you would prefer the courts to strike down the votes of the American people. (And I respect the Vermont voter’s rights to vote in gay marriage if they want it, so respect the rights of Californians to ban it.) I’m not willing to concede to you the high ground. You don’t own it! No one is telling you who you can have a relationship with, long or short term. But gay marriage, as Hawthorne has so well pointed out, will only lead to further moral decline in our country, and may well lead to hate speech laws that silence free speech.

Christian Conservative on April 9, 2009 at 4:33 PM

Having homosexual temptations is not a sin. Acting on them is the sin. We are all tempted. Even Jesus was tempted. Our free will allows us to make a choice and resist the temptations that we have. We will be known by our acts.

Hawthorne on April 9, 2009 at 3:54 PM

See? That wasn’t so hard…it only took me about 3 times and numerous examples.
Homosexuality is not sinful, nor does it promote any kind of decay in society.
It is the acts, all of your excellent facts and figures on the degradation of society by ‘active’ gays is what is important. And important for homosexual to understand.
They are not “separated” by their feelings or what they are, but like everything else in life, they are judged by their actions.
That is what has been missing in this discourse, and I have been trying to get it out of all you guys and gals. And it took about 12 hours.
Being homosexual is okay, it is fine, it is acceptable, it is the actions that are intolerable in society.

right2bright on April 9, 2009 at 5:39 PM

9 out of 10 elected representatives are Lawyers, so what did you expect?

kirkill on April 9, 2009 at 6:03 PM