C’mon, I had to post it. Three things I can’t resist: The iPhone, KP, and the prospect of an easy 200-comment thread. Don’t hate me for being weak.

Follow the link for the major data points in graph form, and note how slanted the question near the end about Huntsman and Limbaugh is. Framing the latter’s goal as “stamping out” moderates rather than, say, moving away from them is clearly designed to make respondents recoil. I’ll credit James “I certainly hope he doesn’t succeed” Carville for coming up with that one.

In fairness, their data’s not wildly different from Gallup’s poll on Limbaugh taken last month. This bit’s interesting, too:

To my surprise, more self-identified Republicans and conservatives think Rush has too much influence than too little. Safe to say that that puts righty blog readers to the right of even most “conservatives,” or do people here agree that Rush has more pull than he should?

For comparison purposes, Keith Olbermann netted a -5 in favorables among the six people who have heard of him. Check the “Target Crosstabs” at the link for the demographic breakdown. Exit question: How much of Rush’s favorables are based on what he actually says and how much are based on the media selectively soundbiting the most incendiary bits for public consumption?

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