NARN, the Completely Stimulated Edition!

posted at 7:31 am on February 14, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

The Northern Alliance Radio Network will be on the air today, with our eight-hour-long broadcast schedule starting at 9 am CT. If you’re in the Twin Cities, you can hear us on AM 1280 The Patriot, or on the station’s Internet stream if you’re outside of the broadcast area.

Today, after Mitch, King, & I get done tormenting Mitch’s daughter at her first job for breakfast, we’ll come back and talk Porkulus and the Brave New Socialist World. We’ll recap all of the politics of stimu-moolah, as well as the Spinal Tap drummer vibe we get from Barack Obama’s Commerce appointments. Suddenly, everyone hates the last Iran NIE, and we’ll talk about Dianne Feinstein’s penchant for broadcasting secrets. All this, and your calls too!

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Bah, they’ll probably spend the entire show in an unpatriotic display of obstructionism, complaining about the wonderful porkulus bill which passes with such overwhelming support.

Jazz Shaw on February 14, 2009 at 7:33 AM

What a great idea!

Ed Morrissey on February 14, 2009 at 7:48 AM

What about the tax breaks the porkulus presents? No, no, no, not the 13 bucks – the tax breaks investors will get when the market tanks further next week and they sell only to claim the losses for the tax year ‘09 – those tax breaks. It’s a double-dipping reward if you are a buy and hold investor because you can collect on the loss (a certainty) and buy back at a better price (the art of market timing) thirty days later (do it in 32 days to be safe.). I’m certain that is what the market movers will begin doing before the close Monday. I’m now 100% cash in the market and 90% bond in 401(k) and 95% cash in IRAs. I rebalanced Thursday.

ericdijon on February 14, 2009 at 8:42 AM

Is there some contract which forces conservative talk radio to interview everybody who writes a book?

It seems like not only do we get people like Ann and Steyn but we’re subjected to people like Roger Simon.

I was appalled to hear him on Hugh Hewitt extolling the wonderfulness of his grandson. Turns out that this grandson was the product of his son’s – ahem – “contribution” to some surrogate female’s womb so that his son and his “significant other” could pretend to be a family.

That’s right – Hugh Hewitt was supporting a guy who was praising the results of the war on families and children.

This is conservative? This is helpful?

Imagine my shock when I hear this same putz on the first segment of NARN. Once again, credibility and support is being lent to someone who supports the destruction of the American family just because he writes a book which says a couple of things that sound conservative.

Ed, I understand that libertarian is different from conservative but can’t we together draw the line SOMEWHERE? Is it really that easy to get fawning softball interviews on conservative radio, just by saying a few things conservatives like while spewing unchallenged radical amoral crap at the same time?

Simon needs to be told to peddle his junk somewhere else. And you should have the stones to tell him if he wants to be on the show, he needs to shut up about his approval of his son’s deviant lifestyle AND his approval of abusing a child in the process.

I know you have morals – don’t go along with amoral or immoral crap just because everyone else is.

Just for the record, I didn’t bother to complain to Laura or Hugh because I know it wouldn’t do any good. I’m just hoping you see my point. (I am unsure if you have any authority over the entire six hours but forward this on if you’re the wrong one for my ranting)

platypus on February 14, 2009 at 1:45 PM


This doesn’t surprise me the least, and I’m glad you prevented me from downloading the first segment of NARN. I’m less than enthusiastic about PJM and especially PJTV.

Hugh has become some kind of cartoon presence in con talk radio. I just plain gave up on listening to him weeks ago. He’s more interested in pretending he’s funny, pushing his lame music website or his dubious plans for “GOP 3.0” (snicker), and interviewing authors of dubious interest. Or, he will sometimes spend a whole hour interviewing some obscure figure in the evangelical world. Which is fine, but not my cup of tea. Boring… and now he’s proved himself a fool as well.

What really put the nail in the Hugh’s coffin was, I kid you not, what I heard him say the very day before Daschle’s withdrawal from the Cabinet slot. On a lark to see if Hugh had regained perspective, I tuned in and the first thing I heard him say was that he wanted the “confirmation process” to go forward. He said, literally 24 hours before Daschle took himself out, that he wanted to see all of Barry’s guys confirmed, including First Tax Cheat and Financial Imbecile Geithner. (The insulting words were my addition, Hugh had nothing bad to say about Timmy. In fact he made excuses for them, saying that guys like these have so much going on, this sort of thing is inevitable and no big deal. Wow.) His whole attitude seemed to be that this stuff is a tempest in a teapot. And when Daschle took a powder the next day, I realized that Hugh has tapioca for brains. I can’t remember the last time he was right about anything, from the standpoint of political tactics.

So, given his extremely poor judgment (recall his cheerleading for Harriet Miers) it’s no wonder that he’s unable to put two and two together, even on family issues. And the more I find out about Roger L. Simon, the less I like him.

George Orwell on February 14, 2009 at 5:19 PM

George Orwell on February 14, 2009 at 5:19 PM

Thanks. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me since I started being less-than-enthused with some of the talkers I used to slobber over.

Rush still makes me yell “hoooyaaah” and Levin makes me say “amen brother” like I’m in Sunday service. Monica Crowley is my latest “you go, girl” and no I’m not concerned about her plagerism or whatever it was.

Anyway, thanks. And you need to comment more often.

platypus on February 14, 2009 at 9:15 PM