Guess who else has tax liens?

posted at 8:30 am on October 17, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

Yesterday, the Tanning Bed Media discovered unpaid tax liens against Joe Wurzelbacher.  Two days ago, we would have said, “Who?”  He’s better known this week as Joe the Plumber after his impromptu dialogue with Barack Obama produced a blatantly redistributionist answer from the Democratic presidential candidate.

In their haste to pillory Joe for the audacity of asking a tough question of Obama, the Tanning Bed Media missed a couple of other interesting tax liens.  Patterico does the work of the TBM:

Oh — I almost forgot to mention: Martin Nesbitt, the treasurer of Obama’s campaign, has tax liens. So do his companies.

You’d think that matters more than the tax liens of Joe the Plumber, wouldn’t you? But good luck finding a Big Media story about Nesbitt’s liens.

If tax liens are such an indicator of character and trustworthiness, wouldn’t it have more significance for the treasurer of a presidential campaign than for a man who just asked a question of the candidate?  If the national media has such an interest in investigating a plumber who made a couple of national appearances, why wouldn’t they have at least the same interest in the people running a major party presidential campaign?  Of course not.  The same people who instruct us that Barack Obama’s 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright’s church while Wright called 9/11 “chickens coming home to roost” now interrogate Joe the Plumber on national TV about his brief flirtation with the Natural Law Party.

Because, you know, associations matter when choosing a plumber, but apparently not when choosing a President.

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My Grandpa said it best….Never Penalize Success!!!

SoCalInfidel on October 17, 2008 at 12:10 PM

My Grandpa said it best….Never Penalize Success!!!

SoCalInfidel on October 17, 2008 at 12:10 PM

Yep, and as the Dog Whisperer says “Never reward unwanted behavior”.

forest on October 17, 2008 at 12:16 PM


I have to admit I’m a little over my head on the specifics on the ATM and other tax code. So really don’t have the expertise to challenge your assertions. But, since you’ve shown yourself as a such a staunch partisan (which I myself will admit I am), I’m not going to take your word for it either.

So, when I have more time, I’ll try and educate myself more on the subject and see if I agree with what you’re saying.

Tom_Shipley on October 17, 2008 at 9:42 AM

You liberals already claim to have superior education and by looking at the high crime rates,terrible schools,and incredible debt that the cities you run from top to bottom posses,I don’t think “more education” is going to help you.

Obama 95% tax cuts are spin and it is being exposed by those who know and spun by those who want to push Obama to the white house.
There is no “tax cut” or “tax rebate” for people who are not paying into the system in the first place.
It is plain and simple money being taken from those who work for it or have succeeded on a higher level and then REDISTRIBUTED to those who don’t have it:

Obama’s 95% Illusion

It depends on what the meaning of ‘tax cut’ is.
One of Barack Obama’s most potent campaign claims is that he’ll cut taxes for no less than 95% of “working families.” He’s even promising to cut taxes enough that the government’s tax share of GDP will be no more than 18.2% — which is lower than it is today.
It’s a clever pitch, because it lets him pose as a middle-class tax cutter while disguising that he’s also proposing one of the largest tax increases ever on the other 5%. But how does he conjure this miracle, especially since more than a third of all Americans already pay no income taxes at all? There are several sleights of hand, but the most creative is to redefine the meaning of “tax cut.”

And on top of that,we are supposed to take the word of Obama
that he is only going to tax $250,000 and up.

Rev. Wright,Ayers,Campaign finance reform,ties to Acorn and massive voter fraud,in the pocket of Fannie/Freddie,the surge,drilling,NSA wiretapping,withdrawl of troops in Iraq
now based on conditions on the ground(like Bush),gun control…on…and…on..and..on,this guy has reversed or outright lied to get votes and stay ahead in the polls.
Is Obama someone who you would trust to keep his word?

Here is another example of the illusion of Obama’s tax cuts:

Obamanomics Is a Recipe for Recession
July 29, 2008; Page A17

What if I told you that a prominent global political figure in recent months has proposed: abrogating key features of his government’s contracts with energy companies; unilaterally renegotiating his country’s international economic treaties; dramatically raising marginal tax rates on the “rich” to levels not seen in his country in three decades (which would make them among the highest in the world); and changing his country’s social insurance system into explicit welfare by severing the link between taxes and benefits?

Taking away the Bush tax cuts and redistributing wealth is
not going to create jobs or improve the economy.But it will
go a long way to creating the welfare state that liberals strive for so much.

Baxter Greene on October 17, 2008 at 12:33 PM

If we could get Obama’s democratic activists in the media to pull themselves out of Palin’s and Joe’s trash can long enough, maybe we could get them to investigate some of these
issues that seem so important all of a sudden:

September 17, 2008 —

Charlie Rangel must be a centipede – given how many shoes have been dropping regarding his personal finances.
Joe the plumber is getting 10 times the
shakedown then Obama and his democratic buddies are getting.
But according to super smart eagleboy,this is how it goes.

Guess who else has tax liens against

Date of Birth: 11/29/1962
AMOUNT: $ 2,411
NUMBER: 200712040848
TYPE: STATE TAX LIEN,0,6611305.story
Regulars include Love, King and Arne Duncan, chief executive of Chicago Public Schools, who played professionally in Australia. Marty Nesbitt, the treasurer of Obama’s campaign, often plays,
(via Patterico)

But Joe the plumber’s tax lien appears to be so much more important than the head of the Ways and Means Committee or
Obama’s Treasurer.

How about some investigation into the man that wants to be
President,what is he trying to hide:

Ah… Sorry to bother you Mr. Obama, Sir

Could you help me please find these things, sir?
1. OccidentalCollege records — Not released
2. ColumbiaCollege records — Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper — ‘not available’
4. Harvard College records — Not released
5. Selective Service Registration — Not released
6. Medical records — Not released
7. Illinois State Senate schedule — ‘not available’
8. Law practice client list — Not released
9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate — Not released
10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — Not released
11. Harvard Law Review articles published — None
12. University of Chicago scholarly articles — None
13.Your Record of baptism — Not released or ‘not available’
14. Your Illinois State Senate records — ‘not available’

or Kerry’s military records that he promised to disclose to the public.
Full disclosure only applies to Republicans though.

Baxter Greene on October 17, 2008 at 12:39 PM

I hope Joe The Plumber gets a lot of work nationwide from a lot of Republicans.

S on October 17, 2008 at 12:44 PM

Oh, my gosh, Obama’s taking a sip of water and has just chewed some almonds! Media’s covering it LIVE…


S on October 17, 2008 at 12:46 PM

Sorry about the repetitive post on Obama’s treasurer having
a tax lien.

This going after Joe the Plumber because he does not have a license is just incredibly hypocritical coming from the same
group of people that think it is alright for illegals to vote and work in this country.Joe has to have every t crossed and i dotted but not people coming to this country illegally.

What complete and utter bullsh!t.

Looking at this,it looks like the middle class guy that Obama and the super moral liberals are doing everything they
can to destroy has a right to work:

Ohio’s License Requirements for Plumbers Allow Joe the Plumber to Work

UPDATE:Under Ohio law as of February 2008 a “helper” or “tradesman” is not required to maintain a license if he/she works for a licensed contractor. The legislation is a little muddy as it was introduced to include elevator contractors but ,if I am reading this correctly, Joe the Plumber qualifies as a “helper” working for a licensed Plumbling Contractor.

God forbid this man try to make a living but commit the un-forgivable sin of asking Obama to explain why it is okay
to take his money and distribute it to other people.

Baxter Greene on October 17, 2008 at 12:50 PM

What about Charlie Rangel? Republicans should use this opportunity to bludgeon the dems over the head about the chair of house tax-rules committee having his own, much more serious tax problems.

Rangel (tax issues), Dodd & Frank (Fannie & Freddie), William Jefferson (bribe in freezer), Foley’s replacement’s sex scandal– there’s plenty of reasons to make a case for throwing the dem leadership out, yet where’s the media outcry (just kidding about that).

Stop playing nice republicans.

Security Mom on October 17, 2008 at 1:05 PM

Rangel? Hey, no need to worry about that guy – all he does is write tax law.

This is gonna get ugly folks.

forest on October 17, 2008 at 1:34 PM

I still don’t get why it is ok to go after this guy at all. If Obama had just stayed away from him, no one would know who he is.

Terrye on October 17, 2008 at 2:43 PM