McKinney: DoD shot 5,000 prisoners during Katrina

posted at 12:15 pm on October 1, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

It wouldn’t be an election cycle without Cynthia McKinney’s lunacy, and fortunately she hasn’t shied away from providing it.  Here, we watch as the Green Party’s endorsed presidential candidate accuses National Guard soldiers of committing 5,000 murders of prisoners in the wake of Hurricane Katrina:

If you think that this is the kind of insanity one normally hears from Alex Jones, well … you’d be right. The conspiracy theorists on the Left and the Right tend to embrace each other at a certain point, just south of rationality. For these people, little points like evidence and common sense provide no obstacles at all to paranoia and fantasy.

For instance, let’s skip past the extremely weak sourcing McKinney uses to make her charges and go right to some obvious points.  Wouldn’t the families of these 5,000 prisoners wonder what happened to them?  And which prisoners, specifically, have not been accounted for?  At least a few names of people who were in Louisiana state custody before Katrina and then not in custody afterwards would provide a starting point for any investigation.  And it’s possible to lose a few bodies in the Louisiana swamps, but not even that legendary territory could hide 5,000 of them at once without a few of the locals taking notice.

Normally, we’d dismiss this kind of idiocy, but this is no ordinary idiot.  McKinney is a former member of Congress and a candidate for President on a party that wants to claim national legitimacy.  This shows the intellectual level of the Greens, but it also puts in play yet another baseless conspiracy theory about Katrina and its aftermath.  We’ll be hearing this lie for the next few years, thanks to McKinney.

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Some idiot commenter on Firedoglake was spreading a rumor that after Ike, a refinery worker she knew had flown over the Galveston Bay area marshes in a helicopter and seen thousands of bodies.

First, I live in the NASA area which is on Galveston Bay so I’m probably a little more informed that someone on firedoglake. There was a no-fly over Bolivar Peninsula (where my family lost it’s cat 5 rated cabin) and one over west Galveston Island. Make no mistake that there were bodies washing ashore. You can’t hunker down in a strip of land that is only a few hundred yards wide in some areas and expect to survive a storm surge of that magnatude. It is well-known that several elderly people took refuge in a school/church/something (I forget) and, last I heard, they haven’t been seen.

My next door neighbor is a fireman and he has pulled bodies out of the water. But thousands? Not likely, but the body count is not complete. We still have no idea how many stayed on Bolivar and the locals won’t leave for “only” a cat 2 storm but it certainly has nothing to do with a political cover-up. That’s ridiculous. Everyone, including Rick Perry, was begging people to leave the peninsula and those without a seawall on the west end. Those that stayed were told to write their SSN on their arm so their bodies could be identified later. He would have nothing to gain by covering a body count up unless he used his powerful position to send the storm into his own state. Besides, a “no flyover” is a no flyover. That means not even some imaginary refinery worker would be allowed.

The no-flyover was so the news crews did not film even one body before the next-of-kin issues were resolved. The news crews did take boats over to those areas not to mention the thousands of residents who live inland but along the bay and they haven’t reported thousands of bodies in the water.

Don’t get me wrong and construe this as backing up some nut at firedoglake. There aren’t thousands but I don’t believe the body count will remain in the teens.

slug on October 2, 2008 at 12:36 PM

Absolutely I wanted Condi as my choice, but not Barry Soetoro Communist thanks.

sven10077 on October 1, 2008 at 10:26 PM

Not Condi, no way. JC Watts or Michael Steele will work.

Tim Burton on October 2, 2008 at 4:53 PM