Counterstrike: Mark Levin goes nuclear on O’Reilly over bailout rant

posted at 8:56 pm on September 25, 2008 by Allahpundit

It’s a special man indeed who can make both O’R’s and Olbermann’s enemies lists. Courtesy of Levin’s producer, a modest response to this morning’s sneak attack reducing Bill to a bold fresh piece of humanity:

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As far as the oil companies go, come on, they’ve made worldwide record profits. I’m not saying like Bill that they fixed the market, but I do believe the oil companies could have voluntarily cut the country a break.

They cut the country a break every time they provide us with the fuel that powers this nation. What do you want them to do, make 4 cents on the dollar instead of 8 cents? Here’s an idea, why don’t you start your own oil company, and cut folks all the breaks you want?

Here’s another idea: how about government, who made more on oil than anyone, for doing nothing, cutting us a break? I don’t need a cut from their oil profits, just stop taking my money. At least the oil companies give me a choice.

xblade on September 26, 2008 at 5:12 PM

In the end, it’s just childish to start a rant off by making bogus rating claims and using the word “moron” every other word. Adults shouldn’t act like that.

What bogus claims? His ratings do suck. There was some doubt that his contract would be renewed because of it. I’m pretty sure Levin, a guy who works in the industry, knows what he’s talking about. As for calling Bill”Barney Frank is a fat toad” O’reilly a moron, he’s right. This is the same guy who said there was one guy who woke up every day and decided what the price of oil would be for that day, lol. He is a moron.

Sooooo, you want me to tell you exactly how much the government will be able to auction these real estate assets that they are buying for $700billion for??

You must be stupid. It will be between $100B and $900B

Wow, so they might be able to sell $700 billion worth of assets for $100 billion? Man, what a bargain.

xblade on September 26, 2008 at 5:37 PM